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Buy A Desktop Personal Computer Or A Notebook?

Many first-time buyers find themselves in such a dilemma. But making a decision need not be daunting if you prioritise your needs. Just think of three basic functions: portability, performance and price. Here is a guide to help with your final buying decision...

Are You Deskbound?

If your work largely revolves around the office or the home, get a desktop PC.

Do You Travel Often?

A notebook is ideal. Its size usually fits into a brief case or a hand-carry. Women should consider an ultra portable which can easily slip into their handbag.

Workspace A Premium?

If you're in a studio apartment or if your bedroom has space for only a small table, then a notebook is an obvious choice. The desktop on the other hand with its attendant wires, peripheral devices like monitor and keyboard, will take up more space.

Expandability Of Desktops

Desktops have a better roadmap for performance and equipment upgrades. It is easier to plug in a more powerful graphics card or more memory or even a faster processor. It is also easier to mix and match peripheral devices like a new wireless keyboard or a larger screen. For that reason, graphic artists and desktop publishers prefer desktops for their larger screens and performance.


Price alone may ultimately be the deciding factor for you. PC prices are on the down trend. Notebooks, however, are generally more expensive.

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