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How To Tell The Real From The Pirated

The problem of fake software programs movies, music CDs has been going on for years. And over this time, counterfeiters have improved their crafts to the point where sometimes the differences are only visible under the microscope.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Separate Original From The Counterfeit:

Touch And Feel

Software companies like Microsoft have special holograms "burned" onto the disc, while counterfeits do not. This is one surefire way to tell if the disc is original. If it does have a hologram, check if it has a peelable "hologram sticker", which some high-end counterfeit discs resort to. For printer cartridges, check the manufacturer's website for details on authentication.

Scan The Price Tags

If an offer on the product is not available anywhere else in your country, this is potentially a sign that it may be a dodgy product. This is because software company, printer manufacturer, movie studio, or other content owners usually offer the same discounts uniformly to their distributors and retailers, who would in turn be able to match such attractive pricing to get sales. So check around for other companies selling the same product at the same price, and stay away from deals that are too good to be true.

Validate Online

For software, you can usually register or validate it at the vendor's website. This is the most definitive check for counterfeits. However, this is usually practiced only in the software industry.

Check The Content

For counterfeit or parallel imported movie and music discs, the video and subtitling for movie discs, and the audio quality for music discs, is usually noticeably poorer compared with the international releases sold by authorised distributors and retailers. Also, counterfeits may be missing certain bonuses like the director's notes and additional music tracks or videos. For movies, you can be sure that a movie currently showing in the cinemas will not be on sale so quickly.

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