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Buying A SLR Digicam?

Here Are Some Points To Consider When Buying A SLR Digicam

What's Your Budget?

Check for price ranges and the features of each camera. if you are going to buy the camera body only, consider buying at least two lenses.

Legacy Systems

If you already own a film-based SLR camera, then you would have already accumulated a repertoire of lenses. These lenses might still be usable if you choose a DSLR with the same lens mount. However, the new DSLRs utilise smaller imaging sensors when compared to 35mm film, and as such make use of smaller, lighter and cheaper lenses. Better to forgo the old lenses and start with new ones.

Third-Party Lenses

Look beyond one brand for the new range of lenses specially designed for digital cameras. Independent lens manufacturers such as Tamron, Sigma and Tokina produce an excellent range of lenses that fit top camera models.

Speed Matters

If you intend to shoot fast-moving action shots, sports and nature photography, then look for a mid-tier digital SLR camera with a fast focusing and fast-burst shooting speeds.

Special Features

Preview Feature which are capable of live previews on the LCD panel. Dust removal which incorporates a supersonic wave filter to shake the dust off the sensor. Anti-shake mechanism which has the ability to compensate for camera shake due to unsteady hands.

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