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X' Marks The Spot

Get ready for the Xbox 360 manias. You may be wondering if it's worth the investment over the current Xbox. We think so. Here's why. Not only do the basic specs far surpass the original Xbox, there is the added functionality of it being a DVD player and Media Extender so you can connect up to a Windows Media Centre PC to stream TV.

There's also the Xbox 360 specific feature of Xbox Live-the online marketplace and gaming component. The Xbox 360 is the first console of the "next-generation" which will also bring us the PIayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution. The Xbox 360 is much more than a game console, look for it to bring not only stellar gaming but a whole new slew of entertainment options for your living room.

Xbox 360 Xbox What this means
3 CPUs running at 3.2ghz 1 CPU running at 733mhz

More CPUs running at higher speeds means more processing power for everything - graphics, artificial intelligence, sound, physics, etc.

512mb 64mb Store more objects in memory - larger maps, worlds, etc.
500mhz 233mhz Much better graphics that will be almost photorealistic!
320 channels 256 channels Fuller sound
20 gig removable drive 10 gig removable drive More storage space for game saves and other media.

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