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Response Time

Response time is something that you see often on LCD monitors and TV sets. Often measured in milliseconds (ms), this is the speed at which an image displayed on screen. A faster response time, such as 8ms, means that you do not see trails following a fast-moving object, say a speed boat, on screen. In other words, most realistic action without any image defects.

A slow response time, such as 16ms, common on LCD screens that are more than three years old, is one reason why PC gamers and movie buffs stayed away from LCD screens in the past. These days, most LCD screens offer response times of 10ms or faster. Unlike older screens with more than 10ms response time, it may be hard to tell between a screen that offers 8ms and one that comes with 10ms, for example.

But in general, faster is better. So if all other features are similar, you should opt for a screen that offers superior response time.


Often seen on brochures advertising mobile phones and other portable gadgets, Li-Polymer refers to the type of battery that powers the device. Li stands for lithium, the material used in the battery. Li-Polymer - an advanced form of lithium batteries that is becoming more common. Lithium batteries pack in more power despite being small and light. So as gadgets get smaller, lithium batteries are the preferred choice.

Another plus for lithium batteries - their slow discharge when not in use. This means you can leave them alone and quickly slide them into a cordless phone without having to recharge them. However lithium batteries can easily rupture, ignite or even explode if exposed to high temperatures or directly in the sun. Some experts even warn against leaving them in a car.


A technology that lets users label a CD or DVD's surface often sold as a premium feature on recordable DVD drives in PCs today. A drive that supports Lightscribe enables you to add photos and text onto a disc's non-readable surface - the top surface that shows you the contents of the disc. So you can create labels without having to print them separately, then sticking them - messily - on the shiny circle. Cool. For Lightscribe to work you must buy special discs that are coated with chemicals that react to the drive's laser beam.

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