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What Is IPTV?

Internet Protocol TV is the technology used to deliver TV programmes over a computer network - most often via the vast reach of the Internet. What Internet TV or IPTV offers is more interactivity. Delivered over a broadband connection, Internet TV programmes can be easily incorporate live polls and on-screen chats. People can even receive video calls on-screen if a service provider offers enough bandwidth for the home.

Internet TV is similar to and offers many of the features of digital TV and interactive TV - two technologies that also deliver programmes in digital form but are usually upgrades from older analogue systems. 

Here Are The IPTV Features To Expect

More Programmes At Better Rates

With more service providers entering the content game, you can expect competitive packages that include "staple channels" such as documentaries, sitcoms, movies and more.

Watch What You Want, When You Want

Want to pause a football programme while you go for a toilet break? Just press a button on the remote control. Internet TV will also offer true video-on-demand (VOD). In other words, an online movie rental shop that you can access via the remote control, without having to leave home.

Make Videos Calls On TV

You are watching your favorite drama when an icon at the bottom of the screen flashes - your mother is calling. What do you do? Pause the programme and answer the video call on the TV. Yes, you can still take the call on your cellphone. But with Internet TV, you can response to mum's call without shifting your gaze away from the big screen.

Chat And Watch

Thank the contestant on American Idol sounds like a toad? Gripe about it with your friends who are watching the programme at the same time! Internet TV makes it easy to take part in live polls, quizzes and SMS chats while a programme is on-screen. You can even have your MSN Messenger on-screen. And chat with your friend privately, instead of broadcasting messages to everyone watching the show. 

Get In Touch

Internet TV also lets users share photographs and videos with people in the community. Easier to use than similar services on the Net, this can be accessed by simply selecting a channel on the remote control and browsing through the videos and pictures that people post publicly on the TV network. This is great for sharing photos with old folks who do not know how to use a computer, but who can switch channels.

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