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Having Problems Going Out?


You want to chill out with friends on weekends and go for all the cool class BBQs. But, your mother and father want to slap a curfew on your evening excursions... Each time you step out of the house, your parents act like drill sergeants: "Who, where, when, why and how will you be spending your time?. AAArrggh!

Pain Reliever

Maybe you ARE spending half your waking hours out and about. But if you desire to continue doing so, you'll have to prove yourself worthy. The trick here and in most other cases is not to give your parents any ammunition (such as poor test scores) to be used against you.

It's as simple as doing what your parents reasonably wish -finishing schoolwork, going home early and staying away from trouble. Before they ask, tell them everything they need to know; parents tend to ease up knowing of your whereabouts. And never lie... because you'll end up in the deep end, or worse, a prisoner serving a life sentence within your own bedroom when they discover the truth.

At The Day's Close

It is often difficult and sometimes even painful trying to put up with what your folks have to tirelessly say. But the ironical thing about naggy parents is that underneath the numerous comments and complaints, they actually mean well. Afterall, they are concerned about your safety and welfare. If there is a breakdown in communication, this is probably due to the fact that the generation gap separating you and them.

Your responsibility at this stage is to give your parents peace of mind. Show them that you're with good company and doing well at school. Sure there's a lot out there to explore, and the only way you're going to get your leeway is to gain their trust. Patience is also a good virtue to possess, learn to be tolerant. And when things don't seem workable, speak to them about your expectations as well as theirs.


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