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The Phone

Why it is that parents can be so lovable one moment and our most bitter enemies the next? If you want to win this war with mum and dad, it's time to put down the batter gear and start negotiations. Remember make peace and no war.


You're reviewing the day, chatting to your stead or discussing maths homework over the phone, and at the corner of your eye, you spot your mother glaring at you. Her lips read, "Get off the phone and go study... now!" Or worse, she picks up the other phone and abruptly demands your friend to hang up immediately. Obviously you feel irritated and perhaps unfairly intruded upon.

Pain Reliever

Remember, to parents, sporadic giggles and whispering are signs that your phone conversation counts (or little. Put an end to constant frowning by striking a deal to only use the phone after your homework's done. You can also work out an arrangement whereby you're allowed say, half the time you've spent with the books, to be chatting away. It'll be a goad idea too for them to know that you are either discussing work or lending a ear to a friend with problems. Parents (eel much better knowing that you are not wasting time on idle gossip.

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