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Naggy Nag Nag


You're young, hip and trendy, but (or various reasons, parents don't see it chat way. "Why are you always dressed in such short skiffs?". "Can't you read a book instead of going out?" or "What kind of music is this?... It's NOISE!" With such poignant remarks, it's clearly evident that parents don't agree with contemporary clothes, music or lifestyle in general.

As if there isn't enough stress in school, when you come for some peace and quiet, you're being incessantly pestered about where you left the bath towel, not folding the newspapers, sleeping late, plus many other insane things.

Pain Reliever

When parents and teens fail to understand each ocher, the relationship becomes strained. Even the slightest remark your father makes feels like an insult. To avoid frustration and being ticked off all the time, here's what to do: Start by giving your parents an opportunity to express their opinions by posing polite questions like, "Do you really think this music sounds bad?

Why?" or "Do I have to come home early tonight?" The answers might be obvious, but if you smile, discuss and give reasons for, it'll diffuse the tension. Easier said than done, but instead of crying to break your back resisting, bend with the wind. Swallow some pride and you'll find yourself much happier more often.


First, the clothes, then the TV and now they want to control your meeting with members of the opposite sex. They keep tabs on your phone calls, asking questions about every boy who calls. For the guys, you hear a reverberating "studies (first, girls later!"

Even if your parents are a little more liberal, still there's sell the chance that your date might not be accepted. For reasons only they understand your date is either too short, too tall, too skinny, too smart or simply not good enough (or you.

Pain Reliever

I( you don't have your parent's consent to date, the worst thing thing to do is to rebel by dating anyway-try talking to them first. You can get some ground rules like, only group dates on school days and chat your studies won't be affected. Never incur the wrath of the gods!

And for those whose parents who're unwillingly to give the go-ahead to your girl or guy, talk about it, hash it out with them. Get your date over a couple of times and have him or her get to know your folks. If ma and pa still insist, then drop the case and perhaps cry again later.


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