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Servicing The Clients

Many teens and young adults are lured by the easy money one can earn by being a social escort or masseur/masseuse However, don't be fooled - clients usually expect sexual services as well. This opens many dangers to a young person - the very real risk of contracting STDs like AIDS and syphilis. Young girls also risk getting pregnant, if precaution is not taken. People try to push it to the backs of their mind by saying they are doing it for the money - but the job will create stress for you.

Firstly, you would have to skulk around and hide your activities from family and friends. Your view towards relationships will turn sour and cynical and you may feel that any thing can be brought at a prize. By not respecting yourself and your body, self-esteem problems may develop. There are many psychological scars borne by these young people as they are ill-prepared to deal with the situation. Many end up being taken advantage of.

Many young people nowadays are resorting to the sex trade for easy money - and all for the wrong reasons. Do not commit your life to earning a few bucks. It will affect your future and once youth and beauty are gone, you will be left with nothing. Instead, focus on building a life and a career by studying hard and getting a decent job. You're still young and there are many opportunities open to ambitious, hard-working people. Money isn't everything - but your health, good name and future are.


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