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Lessons Learned From America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model has taught us some important lessons in life!

Lesson #1: Be Honest At the preliminary interviews, Krystle proclaimed she would use her celebrity status as a model to benefit the world. But she didn't have an answer for Tyra Banks when she asked for her last community service. Obviously, she did not even make the first cut.

Lesson #2: Keep A Reality Check Pulling the dysfunctional family sob story may not always work. Coryn confessed she's worried for her mother who has been jobless for the two years. When Tyra asked if she thought her success would help her mum, Coryn realistically replied, "No". And Tyra smiled, "Fame is not magic." How true.

Lesson #3: Hide Your Flaws Great photo tips! Nobody is perfect but there are certain tricks you can play up in front of the camera to conceal those blemishes. If you have a short neck like Kyle, point your chin outwards and always keep your face a little higher than the lens.

Lesson #4: Everything Comes With A Price Between the competition and her hair, Cassandra choose the latter. When she kept moping over her sassy new 'do and refused to trim it shorter, judge Jay snapped, "I really don't have time for this today, so you've just got to leave my set."

Lesson #5: Looks Aren't All That Ashley may have striking features, but she left roommate Kim to struggle on her own with her makeup. And when Kim's shoot did not go well, she commented with a nasty, "You sucked real bad." Tsk talk.

Lesson #6: Love Yourself As the first plus-sized finalist on the series, Diane was all ready to put herself out there in the beginning. But her confidence wore oft and it showed in her shoots. She even stayed behind the camera while the rest of the girls went topless for some wild shots. The judges decided she did not the same belief in her body as she had in her face and she was sent home.

Lesson #7: Don't Drown Your Sorrows Lisa admitted to Tyra that she drinks, but claimed she only has a glass of wine to relax. She spent most of the competition wasted and isolating herself from the rest with her drunken habits. You're in denial, girl!

Lesson #8: Swinging It Both Ways Means Twice The Audience Androgyny can work for you, even with the most feminine clothes. Lesbian and proud of it, Kim thought her boyish looks were a problem at first. But she kept going at it and did great at making girly clothes look good. Sure, pretty threads and makeup did help, but it was all in her attitude.

Lesson #9: Always Keep Your Poise Trying to be the centre of attraction is perfectly fine but going clinically insane on the show is another ball game. At the height of Lisa's wacko alcoholic antics, she walked around the studio in a pair of diapers and peed into it. In the end, her desperate deeds overshadowed her modelling and she was out.

Lesson #10: Recover From Your Falls Sarah's took stunning photographs, but her catwalk fell through under the pressure. Kindly Tyra gave her the first chance and told her she doesn't have to be perfect, but she does need to stay stronger to handle the competition. On her second attempt, Sarah looked so unhappy doing the catwalk, Tyra had to let her go.


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