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Virgin To The Night Scene

You've just turned 18 and a virgin to the night scene, but you sure don't want to sound like one! Here are some lingo you will find useful.

Scoping Looking out for babies and/or hunks you would like to hang out with.

Clubbing An activity done in a club, where dancing and scoping is involved while drinking.

Pubbing An activity done in a bar or a pub. Little or no dancing is involved. We highly recommended scoping to keep you dying from bordom.

House Wine Refers to wine that is available by the glass or carafe in a restaurant. It's usually the choice of wine served when the customer does not specify a particular type, brand or area of origin. Types include Shiraz, Sauvignon, Blanc, German Riesling and Merlot.

House Pour Refers to the spirit that is served if a customer does not specify a particular brand name. Eg. Absolut Vodka or Jim Beam Bourbon.

Champagne A sparking (fizzy) wine named after the Northern Region of France it was produced in.

Liquor An alcoholic beverage that is strongly flavored and very sweet. Popular examples are Kahlua and Grand Marrier.

Spirit A distilled product, also know as "hard-liquor". Eg. Vodka (made from potatoes) or Tequila (made from the blue agave plant.)

Cocktail A mixed drink that combines spirits, juices, liqueurs and other flavorings, it may be topped off with a dash of soft drink.

Mocktail A non-alcoholic version of cocktail.

Neat A spirit served straight from the bottle with nothing added.

On-the-rocks An alcohol served with just ice.


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