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Take The Safer Route

Nothing ruins a holiday more than losing your valuables en route. Save yourself the misery of such experiences by taking precautionary measures, especially in crowded places like airports and train stations.

Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime

  • Thieves may be laying in wait for victims; do not attract them by flashing your valuables or appearing disoriented. Check the airport's website (if available) beforehand to familiarize yourself with its layout.
  • Stay alert and always keep an eye on your belongings. Thieves often work as team - upon picking a likely victim, one member may attempt to distract the victim while another pilfers your stuff.
  • Never leave bags unattended or go near abandoned bags. Never accept gifts or packages from unknown parties. Report any abandoned items or suspicious activity to airport security staff immediately.
  • Use markings, such as colorful tapes or stickers, to make your bags easily identifiable.
  • Hold off your duty-free shopping till you have picked up your luggage, or you may find that it has already disappeared when you eventually go to claim it.
  • If you are unsure about your surroundings or travelling alone, it's wiser to use only officially licensed transportation services, such as airport taxis and shuttle buses. They may cost more, but at least there is some assurance you won't be taken for a ride or end up suffering a worse fate.

Travel Light

Pack less so you can have a better time - really. We are such creatures of comfort that on holidays, we want to bring everything from home. Some people even eye their bolsters longingly because hotels only offer pillows! Apart from the obvious problem of insufficient space, travellers should pack less for better experiences.

Unplug Yourself

Portable music equipment has become a crutch for many. Individuals addicted to their MP3 players cannot bear to remove those buds from their ears anytime they are in public. And the players are so tiny, packing them is a breeze. But whenever you plug in to your tunes and tune out from the world, you miss out on real life.

That may be nice on miserable daily commutes to work, but on vacations, why put up a barrier against interesting conversations with locals? Why be so attuned to familiar songs that you can't hear the new rhythms of the place you are visiting? If you foresee a need to avoid one-way conversations with bores on long coach rides, carry your player and use it when necessary. But once the bore has left the bus, unplug yourself and listen to the world around you.

Use Your Own Eyes

Unless you are travelling especially to obtain award-winning footage, ditch the video paraphernalia. Stick to a simple videocam or digicam. If a recording is meant to be a visual memory of your trip, a small camcorder will fulfill that need. Don't spend the whole trip framing the world through lenses and never enjoying any place with your own eyes, or storing a first-hand experience in your memory. Your body will also thank you for not making it lug tripods, zoom lenses, editing equipment and whatnot around.

Strike The Right Pose

It's good to dress well so as not to be mistaken for a refugee, but one should also dress sensibly. Some ladies love their shoes so much they pack killer heels and try to wear them even if the itinerary involves visiting rocky beaches or farms. Take smart ankle boots, walking shoes or sneakers instead. If fancy dinners are on the schedule, you can bring a pair of nice shoes - but perhaps you can save the space by letting those boots double as evening footwear under the right skirt?

There's also no need to carry your entire range of hair-styling equipment, if you're not on a modelling shoot. A conditioner to prevent frizzy hair will suffice. For clothes, go with mix-and-match basics that you can re-use in different combinations. At most, have one or two dressier items to lift your mood. These don°t have to be space-consuming clothes or shoes; they can be scarves or fabric hats.

Don't Bring The Bling

Keep accessories minimal and inexpensive, and leave behind precious items in a bank 'safe deposit box. If you, must wear your wedding ring, make sure it fits perfectly, so it is less likely to fall off during hand-washing or luggage-hauling. If it is loose, wear it on a strong chain round your neck. 

No real or fake Rolex watches either. It would be painful to lose a genuine one, while wearing a fake luxury-brand watch can actually get you arrested at Customs in certain European countries! Don't tote glamorous designer bags. Luggage may get lost or damaged, or you may be targeted by thieves who prey on tourists.


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