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Making A Smooth Getaway

Cut Down Check-In Hassles

Here are some ways to avoid hassle and panic at the airport, so you can start your holiday on a pleasant note:
  • Check flight status repeatedly. Have at hand contact numbers of your ticketing agent and airline, as well as your flight numbers and times.
  • When travelling on an e-ticket, carry a printout of your receipt and flight itinerary from your airline or booking site.
  • Check in early if you wish to request window, aisle or other preferred seats.
  • Secure identification tags on all travel baggage. Write your name and contact numbers on them. Alternatively, indicate the phone number and address of the hotel, motel or residence where you will be staying at your destination.
  • Find out what sort of items are not allowed on board and pack them in your cheek-in luggage instead of carry-on bags.
  • Don't overpack. Overstuffed bags that must be opened for security checks are much harder to repack.
  • Keep your cool if you are detained by security checks. Airline officials have considerable responsibility as well as power, and you will be on the losing side if you kick up a fuss, or refuse to cooperate.

Budget Travel

Lowest price needn't mean worst quality, and not all economy seats are the same. Here's how you can make budget travel snore comfortable:

Babies On Board

You get more leg room in the bulkhead rows because they make room for carry cots. The catch: you're unlikely to get a seat here unless you fly with an infant.

vOn The Map Most airlines have seat maps that show the bad seats (as in the ones that don't recline because they're in front of an exit row). Use a travel agent who can confirm your seat when you book.

Avoid The Row Forward Of A Wing

Be wary of following the advice of other travellers on the best scat numbers. Airlines can shift things around.

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