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Choosing Adaptor Plugs

Frequent travellers, or those who purchase electrical equipment abroad, need all kinds of adaptor plugs for their trips or home use. Even with similar voltage, or a universal power supply, sockets and plugs from around the world differ. This guide can help you figure out at a glance what kind of adaptor plugs to use for that piece of equipment bought in Australia, or when you are travelling to China. Please note that some countries commonly use several plug types.

Rectangular Blade Plug

Used in the UK. Ireland, Hong Kong Cyprus, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Round Pins With One "Oversized" Pin

Used in the UK, Hong Kong.

Oblique Flat Blades (V-shaped)

Used in Australia, New Zealand.

Round Pins (Oversized)

Used in Europe.

Flat Blades With Round Grounding Pin

Used in USA, China, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Hawaii.

Flat Blades With Ground

Used in China, Australia, New Zealand and certain Far East countries.

Flat Blades

Used in USA, China, Canada, Japan, Taiwan. Philippine, Thailand.

Round Pins

Used in China, South America, Europe.

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