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Plan For A Romantic Holidays

It's the little details that put the romance into your holiday. The travel experts share some advice.

Don't Overpack

Keep things fuss free and simple-light clothes (wrinkle-free, easy-to-dry, easy-to-pack materials), comfortable slippers, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and your iPod or a good book. The versatile sarong is a must for any beach holiday. Use it as a beach blanket or make-shift towel. It even doubles up as a wraparound skirt for a romantic dinner on the beach. If your luggage can't be hand-carried, it's too heavy and too big for comfort.

Spring A Surprise

Think up treats for your sweet - for example, a candlelight dinner overlooking a cliff, or on a private beach -to make the trip more than memorable. Befriend your concierge. They can do miracles such as locating hard-to-find tickets to a play or directing you to a secret locale where you can buy hugely discounted goods.

Get The Royal Treatment

Let the hotel staff know when making reservations, of any special occasions you may be celebrating while on holiday, such as your honeymoon or anniversary. Very often, service staff will want to please you, in the hope that you'll return. You may enjoy an upgrade to a better room at no extra charge or even receive that a special welcome. Just ask, you'll never know.

Signed And Packaged

It's more convenient if you pre-pay for everything before setting off on your trip, or select vacations with an "allinclusive" rate that covers food, accommodation, activities, drinks, transfers, and more.

Travel Smart

When you're about to embark on a trip, bring all your medications in your carry-on luggage, and check with your doctors if dosages need to be changed if your eating and sleeping times change at your destination.

Just In Case

Always make sure you bring enough medication and supplements to last your whole trip overseas. And take some extras along, in case your return trip is unexpectedly delayed.

Handy Honeymoon Hints

Plan Early

The sooner you plan, the more time you have to research and select your destination.

Share The Planning

Discuss and research together. After all, the honeymoon is for the both of you. If you make all the decisions, you could end up feeling guilty if things don't work out the way you have planned.

Set A Budget

Talk about your expectations and priorities. Decide what you want to spend on and what you want to cut back on. The last thing you want is to spoil your honeymoon quarrelling over money.

Engage A Travel Agent

Most travel agents do not charge for their services. Take advantage of this and let your agent handle everything for you and your partner. Do specify your expectations and budget so that your agent knows exactly what you are looking for.

Pack In A Sense Of Humor

If things go awry, try not to overreact. Do what you can to remedy the situation, relax and enjoy your honeymoon.


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