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Little Terrors On The Road?

Holiday travel with young children can be a nightmare for parents, when their little darlings turn into little monsters. However, careful planning and adjusting your expectations to a realistic level can reduce the stress of travelling. You might even be able to enjoy the holiday!

Take Baby Steps

Start with nearby destinations if you're travelling with young children.

Plan Well

Children have short attention spans and get tired easily. Continuous travelling, packed itineraries and too many adult oriented places are a recipe for whiny and grumpy young ones. The trick is to break up the travelling and intersperse it with varied activities to keep them occupied and entertained.

Include child-oriented activities like visits to playgrounds, parks, beaches and swimming pools. Younger children tire more readily, so include time for naps. If you can plan the itinerary such that they have their nap at their usual time, all the better. If your children are old enough, involve them in planning and packing to create a sense of excitement and anticipation so that they look forward to the trip.

Are We There Yet?

Make plans to keep the children occupied throughout the journey. Here are some suggestions:
  • Pack lots of toys, travel-size games and books. Bring out one item at a time so that they don't get bored with the entire lot too quickly.
  • Give them a map and have them pinpoint their location.
  • Play games that demand concentration, like looking out for particular number plates or road signs.
  • Bring along enough snacks to keep stomachs from growling. This is a lifesaver if it's near mealtime and you are nowhere near a restaurant. If you have a fussy eater, pack familiar foods from home.

Motion Sickness

Some children may not be used to long car rides and could develop motion sickness. Symptoms include nausea, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and feeling generally unwell. To reduce the likelihood of motion sickness, make frequent stops. If your child is prone to carsickness, get him to look out of the window instead of reading in the car.

Fresh air may help too, so wind down the windows a little. Make sure your child has something to eat before the journey, but nothing heavy and oily that may upset the stomach. Anti-motion sickness pills can help, but they can also cause drowsiness.


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