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Travel Safe

Don't let crime ruin your next vacation. A few precautionary measures could determine if you spend your holiday in an exotic island or a dingy police station. Read these three simple tips before you book your next flight.

  • Pick a room that is sheltered from the main road as a room that is in plain view to the outside makes it easy for thieves to monitor your comings and goings.
  • Whenever possible, look for hostels that come equipped with electronic key cards instead of regular room keys. Electronic cards are reprogrammed for each new guest.
  • If you're renting a car, ask the clerk which parts of town to stay away from. Plan your trip in advance so you don't inadvertently get stranded in a bad neighborhood. And don't leave anything of value like cameras or hags in plain sight when you're parked.

Turbulent Times

Anyone who's been on an airplane would have experienced turbulence to some degree or other. Even for seasoned travellers, this can be a terrifying phenomenon. But what causes turbulence and are we really in danger? The truth is, turbulence is nothing more than a speed bump. It's basically what happens when different masses of air moving at different velocities clash. And although it feels like you're falling out of the sky at times, but turbulence rarely causes gains or losses in altitude of move than 10 to 20 feet. So fly rosy, you're safe.

Travel Tips For Families

It has to do with planning. Get a hotel that is centrally-located, to save time and especially to beat traffic jams. Also check out the fast food chains near the hotel because the kids might not used to the local dishes.

Try to book a night flight, unless your kids can sit obediently on a long flight. If not, plan activities for them on the plane. For the young ones, maybe a new pop-up book of their favorite story, coloring book, games, some small handy new toys and their favorite snacks will be helpful.

In the hotel room, allocate space for your small kids. Even if it's just a small room, it helps to give them their own drawer, sleeping corner and a place to put their bags. Most importantly too, discuss a contingency plan if they are lost in the city. If they are old enough to have a handphone, tell them how to dial your phone with the new country  code. Always pack bright red shirts and caps when travelling to packed places like amusement parks.


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