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10 Ways To Stretch Your Travel Dollar

When planning a vacation, consider packaged tours as travel agents are able to pass on bulk-buy discounts to customers. However, if you prefer to travel at your own pace, consider the following tips:

  • Check with the different airlines serving your destination for rates as the price differential between top tier airlines and other airlines may be quite substantial. Read the fine print as cheaper airfares often come with many restrictions, especially with regards to travel date changes. Penalties could end up costing you more.
  • Travel during the low season, or times when most people are not travelling, as prices for airfare and accommodation are generally lower than during the peak travel seasons.
  • Stretch your dollar by opting for tourist class accommodation as opposed to staying at five-star hotels. Bed and breakfast-type places are also worth considering for good value and a different experience.
  • Stay at chain hotels like Quality Inn if you plan to be in one country for more than a few days. Check with your travel agent for long-stay discounts.
  • Use public transport such as the local train or bus system, as opposed to taking taxis, as this can be quite costly in cities such as London.
  • Eat at local eateries instead of the hotel coffee house. You will save some money and get to taste the local delicacies.
  • Be flexible about travel dates for the best bargains. If timing is not critical, good bargains may be available for `distress inventory'. These are usually for airfares and accommodations. The drawback is that travel dates and available occupancy dates are almost immediate.
  • Check if passes are available for multiple-attraction visits, such as for theme parks or museums.
  • Check with the attractions for family passes, as these often work out to be cheaper than paying the entrance fee for each individual. If your family is big enough, ask if group passes are available.
  • Plan your itinerary so that you visit attractions in the same vicinity. This saves time, which could mean reductions in your accommodation and transport bills.

Beat Jet Lag

Help at last for sufferers of jet lag! British expert Dr Chris idzikowski has collaborated with British Airways to come up with the Jet Lag Advisor to help travellers combat the side effects of travelling. Go to and give basic details such as the usual time you wake up and the time difference between your city of origin and current location. Hit a button and the online calculator will dispense advice on what time to stay awake or sleep, as well as what to eat and what exercises to do to chase jet lag away.


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