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Prevent Injury From Projectiles

Leaving all sorts of stuff all over the seats, dashboard and floorboards of your car is not only untidy but could be dangerous too. This is especially so if the items loose in the car may stay quietly where they are, or at most roll about a little. But in an accident, they can turn into lethal projectiles. Sharp-tipped stationery; metal cutlery; hard plastic, metal or wooden toys; penknives; dashboard or rearview mirror crystal ornaments; hardcover books; laminated books with sharp corners; glass air freshener container, etc.

The list of potentially dangerous items is nearly endless. In road accident, depending on which way the impact or multiple impacts comes from, and where the loose items are located in your car at those points in time, you and your passengers could end up being hit in the eyes, face or body by a "harmless" object that has suddenly been transformed into the equivalent of a flying dagger or sharply-hurled stone. 

An accident from which the occupants of a car might otherwise emerge mostly unharmed because of their seat belts may become one where serious injuries are the results because a dashboard ornament has come loose and pierced the driver's eye! To prevent such an unfortunate event, keep hard, sharp items stashed away neatly inside storage compartments, or under seats if necessary.

If you absolutely have to leave things loose in your car, keep to items that are soft and rounded - like plush toys, cardigans, cushions, tissue paper packets, soft plastic air freshener containers, or other items safely zipped up inside soft-edged holders. Getting smartly smacked in the face by a flying soft toy won't do as much damage as a receiving the same treatment from an air-borne mechanical pencil.


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