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Staying Awake At The Wheel

Tired after a long day's work? Bored during a long, dull drive? Making your way home after a late night out on the town? Beware of falling asleep at the wheel. Slipping into unconsciousness for just half a second while driving can have devastating consequences, so do everything you can to stay awake every moment.

If possible, have a passenger in the car. Talk to this person. Even if you don't normally chat much with this individual, explain that you're feeling tired and don't want to risk dozing off, so you need him or her to keep up a conversation to help you stay alert. Play the kind of music that raises your heartbeat a little. Don't tune in to a radio station playing sleepy, sentimental tunes; turn to one with more upbeat hits, or pop in a CD that always perk you up.

Experiment with various scents and find one that increases your alertness levels. Whether you us a commercial air freshener, potpourri or an essential oil diffuser, choose one for your car that emits a non-relaxing scent. Some people find that citrusy scents (orange, lemon, lemongrass, bergamot) wake them up, so these may be worth a try.

Make a deliberate point of looking out for all sorts of things on the road. Note the vehicles, pedestrians, landmarks, road signs and traffic signs all around you, just as you would when you drive in an unfamiliar area, or when you are wary about potential road dangers. Switching your mind to this "alert mode" should help keep sleepiness at bay.

Some people find that turning off the air-conditioner and winding down the windows wakes them up. The moving air and noisier environment prevents them from nodding off. If despite al attempts, you still feel too tired to continue driving safely, stop in a safe location, park the car, lock the doors, switch off the engine, and rest until you feel capable of driving on.

How Can I Tell If The Shock Absorbers Need To Be Replaced?

Does the car experience excess bounce (three or more) when crossing an intersection or road bump? When you stop your car suddenly, does the vehicle rock back and forth a few times? While applying the brake firmly at high speeds, does your vehicle have a tendency to drift to left or right? When changing lanes quickly, does your vehicle rock or away from side to side? On a tight curve like an expressway ramp, does your vehicle lean and sway, giving an uneasy and disconnected feeling? If the answer is "yes" to any of the questions, it is time to get your shock absorbers replaced.


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