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Motorbikes, Scooter And Other Vehicles

When users of different types of vehicles have to share the road, tolerance and understanding is needed on all sides. If you are a driver, do not chase or bully bikers and scooterists out of the lane and into the space between lanes. So long as they are adhering to the speed limit and the lane speed, let them occupy that space in front of or behind you without getting irritated with them. This applies whether the traffic is moving smoothly, or has stopped at a red light.

Bikers and scooterists, please do not weave in and out between lanes and other vehicles. This is dangerous riding which could result in injury to yourself, or which could distract and unnerve other road users into causing an accident, if a driver of a car sounds his horn at you or flashes his headlights to ask you to get out of the lane, you should simply continue to ride correctly and safely and at the appropriate speed.

However, if the driver is practically nudging your rear wheel or getting aggressive, and you think he may run you over or hit you, then try to move safely out of his way until he has passed you. He may be in the wrong, but your safety is more important than being in the right.

Drivers of large vehicles, please look out for smaller ones near you. They may be less visible to you because of your height from the ground and the length or bulk of your vehicle, so pay extra attention to blind spots and in areas where you are turning, reversing or changing lanes. Don't harass other drivers and riders. Keep to the speed limit allocated to your type of vehicle.

Motor Tech Attack

Want to know what new-fangled gadgets to expect in your next car? We complies a lisf of features that will soon become mainstream.

Scratch-Resistant Paint

New cars now boast an extra glossy, extra tough paintwork formulated with the help of nanotechnology. The paintwork is at least three times harder than conventional jobs.

All-Round Sonar

Previously the purview of submarines and whales, sonar sensors are now common parking aids. But soon, it will help eradicate all blind spots on the vehicle.

Active Cruise-Control

This radar-based device helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Set it to auto cruise and polish your nails. In newer versions, the car can even do emergency braking.

Lane-Stray Warning

The cure to "drifters" on our roads, the system monitors lane markers and sets off a loud buzzer (the steering might even vibrate violently) should the car change lane without the appropriate signal being activated.


Parking assistance is not enough for some folks, so car-makers have come up with self-parking vehicles.

Preemptive Safety

A system that employs a battery of sensors to prepare a car (and its occupants) for an emergency situation. Actions include bringing the brake callipers closer to the discs for lightning-quick action, pre-tensioning the seatbelts, putting the seats to an upright position and closing the sunroof.

Active Corner Lighting

You can't bend light, but automatic swivelling headlights will ensure that you are never in the dark when negotiating a sharp corner at night. If your car doesn't have this, you can have it retrofitted.

Night Vision

Future version see things that the headlights cannot show up. And it's best used with the next feature.

Head-Up Display

It works like a charm. A hologram floats on the windscreen. It shows vital information like speed, navigation and cruise-control settings. The projector adjusts automatically to suit every lighting condition so that the feature can be used even in harsh glare.


Satellite navigation is quite commonplace now.

Blue-Tooth Connectivity

The system automatically hooks up the driver's mobile phone to the car's hi-fi. No more fussing with wires or buying another SIM card.

Sober Car

It gives the driver a sobriety test before allowing the car to fire up. The system is not foolproof though. What's to stop a drunkard from getting a sober pal to start the car?

Hybrid Technology

Rising prices of fossil fuels and tighter emission laws have bolstered the case for hybrid technologies. Current models are still pretty costly and heavy. Motor companies are working on an inexpensive and lighter versions. Instead of cumbersome batteries, the new generation might use super-capacitors to store electrical power.


The gadget switches off the car's engine when it comes to a standstill and fires it up again when the accelerator is depressed.

Run-Flat Tyres

These tyres are still usable (within speed and distance limits) when there is a puncture. The upside is you don't need to lug a spare tyre around in the boot and you can just roll to the nearest tyre shop. The downside is the ride becomes rather harsh because of the run-flat's stiff sidewalls.


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