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Sunscreen Behind The Windscreen

People who do a fair bit of driving in the afternoons, or who have just started driving after obtaining their licences, often notice that their right arms are getting more tanned than their left ones! This is because glass alone does not protect you from UV radiation. Whatever sunlight streams in through the untreated glass windows and windshield of your vehicle can still burn your skin.

Window Film

If you wish to protect your entire vehicle interior, including the upholstery, your passengers and yourself, you can have UV-rejecting window film installed. Good quality film is supposed to be able to screen out 99 per cent of UV radiation without affecting clarity and visibility.


if you do not want to have such film applied to your windshield and windows for any reason, then it's a good idea for you to wear sunscreen whenever you drive in the daytime.


You may also want to wear lightly-tinted sunglasses that also reject UV radiation when you drive in the daytime. If untreated glass alone cannot protect your skin, then it cannot protect your eyes either. Make sure your eyewear does not have excessively thick frames or dark tints that may make it hard for you to see clearly and drive safely.

Is It Safe To Use Cruise Control In The Wet?

There is an e-mail going around saying that should your car aquaplane over a puddle of water, the cruise control will sense that the car is slowing down and therefore accelerate further to maintain speed, worsening the aquaplaning. Is this true? If a car aquaplanes - the wheels lose contact with the tarmac and skate over water on the road - there is always a possibility that it will lose control, regardless of whether it is in cruise control mode or not. However, with cruise control, the system may "think" that the car is slowing down.

It will therefore increase engine power to maintain the cruising speed that was set. But it does not mean that it will worsen the situation. The car's anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program as well as other traction aids will intervene. Cars not equipped with such advanced technologies may have a higher chance of losing traction. Much also depends on the type of tyres and their tread condition.


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