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Waxing Tips

  • Always wash and dry your car before waxing it. The paintwork must be clean and free of dust and dirt.
  • Wax your car in the shade.
  • Read the instructions on the wax product you are using to avoid making mistakes. Some brands work better when you let the wax dry a little before wiping it off; others require immediate wiping.
  • Avoid using too much wax in one go to prevent gobs from forming.
  • Apply wax in small, circular motions to one panel of the car at a time.
  • Use one towel to wipe away the wax residue, and another to polish the surface to a shiny finish.
  • Waxing is a process that requires time, patience and stamina.

Wind Down The Windows

Do not stay in a stationary car with the engine turned off and all the windows wound up. Even though the car cabin is not airtight, it severely restricts the amount of oxygen available and, as the oxygen levels drop, the occupants start breathing in carbon dioxide. There have been cases of pets and young children dying after being left in locked cars.

Spark Plugs And Heat Range

Spark plugs are classified according to size and heat range. Besides providing electrical sparks to initiate fuel combustion, they  The temperature of the spark plug's firing end must be kept low enough to prevent pre-ignition, but high enough to prevent fouling. This is called thermal performance, and is determined by the heat range selected.

The heat range is defined as a plug's ability to dissipate heat. Specification of the spark plug that is recommended for your car can be found in your car owner's handbook. It is important that you use the correct plug. Otherwise, your engine may not be able to run properly or it could even be damaged.

My Car Seems To Be Rusting, Especially At The Bottom Of The Doors. Why Is This Happening? I Had My Car Rust-Proofed When It Was New?

The drain holes at the bottom of the doors are probably clogged, hence trapping moisture which builds up over time and causes the area to corrode. It is important to ensure that the drain holes are not clogged. Most rust-proofing warranties include an annual touch-up and inspection for a small fee.

You should take your car back to the rust-proofing company for a touch-up. In addition, keep your car's exterior as clean as you can and do not let road dirt and salt build up. Waxing twice a year will help to prevent the paint color from fading and the outside elements from getting to the metal surface.


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