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Shortcuts To A Great Body

Do you want a great body? Hate exercising? Loathe dieting? All of them? Read this now.

Pay Someone To Think For You

You're not anyone in Hollywood without a trainer, stylist, shoelace-tier ... OK, we made that last one up, but Salma Hayek and Jennifer Aniston know the benefits of a good nutritionist. They've enlisted Carrie Wiatt from Diet Designs to school them in what they should eat. To find a dietician, visit your nearest clinic for a referral.

Get Spiritual

Embrace your inner hippie, man. Minnie Driver used spirituality to overcome her own sense of self-loathing. She learnt to love her body, which in turn loves her back. Awww... Try meditating every day.

Avoid Restaurants

Any 47-year-old who still gets around in a leotard has to have some serious diet secrets. Madonna's? Staying in. "I don't really eat food in restaurants -you can never be sure what's in it, can you?"

Avoid Sugar

When Jessica Simpson realised she had to wear next to nothing as Daisy Duke in The Dukes Of Hazzard, she went or a strict diet. "I try to stay away from sugar as much as I can, which is hard," she admits. To cut out sugar, avoid anything that screams "sweet". You can hold back your sweet tooth by using honey instead of refined sugars.

Be Mathematical

Reese Witherspoon should take a calculator wherever she goes. Her trainer Michael George reckons the perfect plate contains 40 percent Garbs, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat. So that's how Reese manages to look so svelte!

Eat Raw Food

Uma Thurman's a fan of the Raw Food Diet, which you eat is raw - the cleansing effect will make you feel fabulous.

Bring Out The Melons!

According to Garrett Warren, trainer of sexy-so-soon-after-childbirth Denise Richards, chowing on watermelons between meals kills your appetite, fills you up with fibre and nutrients, and helps clean out your system to prevent bloating.

Learn To Love Chilli

Gisele Bundchen reckons adding chilli to meals ups f your metabolism. It's actually been scientifically proven, so start scoffing.

Visit A Pricey Spa

Renee Zelweger lost weight on a retreat in California - 20kim hikes everyday for two weeks, and only tuna or cold meat, with raw veggies or salads. Some girl have all the fun... not!

Get A Colonic

Apparently, it's the treatment du jour for a quick de-bloat before major events.

Wear A Beaded Bracelet

Kate Beckinsale's on The Bead Diet, which requires dieters to wear a bracelet with movable beads to keep track of food intake. Move one bead for every 100 calories.

Eat Carbs, Not Sugar

South Beach Diet (huge in La-La-Land last year) is all about eating good carbs (like wholegrain cereals, brown bread and brown rice), shunning bad carbs (such as white bread), and nixing refined sugar (no sweets or soft drinks).

Take Fat Photos

Model Heidi Klum asked her mum to take photos of her post-baby body to help her stay on track with her diet and fitness routines. "If I could pay someone to go to the gym for me, I would! This was a way of helping me stick to the plan."

Go On The No-Diet Diet

All in moderation. Sounds boring? The curvy-but-toned Drew Barrymore is proof it works: "I don't put strict limitations on myself. I don't eat tonnes of meat (she used to be vego) but if I feel my body needs some, I'll eat it."

Embrace The Soya Bean

Actress Ashley Judd keeps trim by laying off the dairy, and uses soy milk on her breakfast cereal instead of cow's milk. Soy is like having a big shot of protein, and it's cholesterol-free too. You can buy soy with added calcium, if you're worried about not getting enough. Tofu is made from soy too, so try adding it to your salads and stir-fries - it'll keep you fuller for longer.

Take Control

It's not all in the genes. Jessica Alba says, "Everyone in my family's overweight. I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself at 12." At home, swap butter for olive oil, go easy on the salt and use  fresh herbs or lemon for flavor.

Fill Up On Protein

Halle Berry keeps her body in Bond-girl shape with a high-protein diet. She's said to be a fan of the Fat Flush Plan: plenty of protein-rich lean meats (like chicken), Omega 3-rich foods (fish), plus fresh fruits and veggies.

Eat Brekkie - Duh!

Want to look like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider? Besides a rigorous training regime, Angie ditched her wake-up call of coffee and ciggies, and ate an actual meal. She called it an "interesting test", we call it breakfast!

Think Low GI

The Glycaemic Index Diet rates food by its effect on blood glucose levels. Low GI foods (like dark chocolate and red wine) are digested more slowly, keeping blood sugar levels stable and you fuller for longer. Check out Dr Frederick Goh's The Metabolic Apocalypse for more information on how choosing the right foods can significantly improve your health and weight.

Graze Constantly

Wonder why celebs seem to eat so often but never put on weight? American actress and TV host Kelly Ripa snacks throughout the day, in small amounts that is. "I like to pick, so I never feel like I am actually eating anything." Pop a praline at 1pm, grab a fistful of almonds at 2pm and have half a bowl of soup at seven. This way, you'll never be ravenous enough to consume an entire Big Mac or a mountain of pasta.

The "We Bloody Wish" Diet

Some girls have all the luck. Keira Knightley, who recently posed ` ~ for US Vogue in just her birthday suit, says, "I don't think about nutrition. And I just hate going to the gym. My abs are just luck. My mum has good ones so it's a family trait." Meanwhile, thin thing Kirsten Dunst shares, "When people ask me how I stay in such great shape, I always tell them the same thing: Eat whatever you want. It's only when you start starving yourself that you mess up your metabolism and your body suffers."

Down Herbal Tea

Demi Moore is on the herbal tea bandwagon: "Having tea between meals fills me up while the vitamins keep me going." Or try green tea, which flushes out toxins and is said to boost metabolism.

Sin As Early As You Can

Many women keep to their diet resolutions for most of the day only to give in to their cravings for choc chip anything at 10pm. "You're better off eating [what you want] during the day and having time to burn it off before bed," says Gunnar Peterson, Penelope Cruz's trainer. Now, having apple pie for brekkie suddenly seems a lot more appealing ...

Ditch, Fad Diets!

Imagine your body in a bikini on a massive billboard in the middle of town. Frightened enough to try the Cabbage Soup Diet? Not Aussie model Megan Gale, who's been there, done that. "I've developed a balanced approach to food and exercise. I never fall victim to so-called fad diets."

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