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Burn, Baby, Burn

Which cardio machine do you head for when you walk into the gym? Provided you're not suffering from knee or ankle problems, most people - especially men would zoom in on the treadmill. Exercising on the treadmill can make you burn more calories than other cardio machines. 

There is good reason the treadmill is the first port-of-call for hardcore gymmers: It burns the most calories - that is, if you believe a study conducted in the mid-1990s by the Medical College of Wisconsin in the United States. Eight men and five women - all about 30 years old, fairly lean and moderately fit - spend time exercising on a treadmill, a stair skiing machine, a regular exercise bike and an exercise bike with bars that worked the arm muscles.

When pushed "hard", they burnt about 850 calories per hour on the treadmill. The other machines averaged between 600 and 700 calories. When pushed "somewhat hard", the treadmill burnt 700 per hour while the others' burnt between 500 and 627 calories.

Apart From Winning The Calorie-Burn Race, The Treadmill Also Offers Some Other Advantages

  • It's easier on the lower body joints than road running. The running surface of most modern treadmills is built with some give which reduces the impact on the knees and ankles.

  • It's weather- and time-proof. Sure, there's the fresh invigorating feeling of running outdoors (just stay away from the car exhaust fumes), but how many times have you cancelled your run because it was too hot, raining or even too dark? The treadmill gives you the consistent burn 24/7.
  • It's great training tool for runners. Most runners are competitive, especially with themselves. They're always trying to get to yet another lamppost or shave 30 seconds off their regular 5km run time.

  • So here's a machine that lets you vary the speed and intensity of your run without much effort. And the best way to do it is with the incline button. Tap the button a few times and you'll amazed at how much harder you have to work to run your normal distance.

I Run On The Treadmill For 30 Minutes, Five Times A Week. How Big A Risk Am I Putting My Knees At?

The amount of running you are doing is well within the standard exercise guideline for the average person, which is 20-60 minutes most days of the week, says expert. Your knees are not at risk if you are free of pre-existing medical or joint problems. Exercise tolerance varies from individual to individual.

There are those who can train more without developing any knee injuries while others can tolerate much less, due to excessive weight or joint mal-alignment syndromes. "A common misconception is that if we avoid using our joints, they will last much longer. But regular use of our joints helps nourish our cartilage cells, keeping the joints healthy;" says expert.

Weigh Of Life

Women are more likely to gain weight at certain phases in their lives due to stress and changes like pregnancy.

Here's How To Keep The Pounds At Bay During These Top Three Weight Gain-Prone Phases

Freshman Year In University: Plus 2kg

Your social calendar is packed with parties and lots of extra-curricular activities. Mealtimes are irregular and supper is a nightly affair. Studies show that the average female freshman puts on about zkg in her first year, but the good news is, she'll lose it by senior year.

Pounds Away! Eating a balanced diet helps. Load your plate with fresh veggies and whole grains instead of burgers and pizzas. As for suppers, ask yourself if you're eating to socialise rather than to satiate hunger. In any case, supper should be kept to once a week.

Your First Job: Plus 2kg

Even if you weren't sporty in school, the increased time you now spend sitting on your butt means less calorie-burning. And since first jobs tend to be ail-consuming, you probably end up skipping gym sessions on most days.

Pounds Away! Find excuses to move around. Small bits of activity here and there add up to your total calorie burn. According to a study by the US National Weight Control Registry, having a healthy breakfast is important because it means you're less likely to overeat later in the day.

Getting Hitched: Plus 3.5kg

You may have exercised like crazy to look svelte on your wedding day, but eating habits change after the big day. Married people tend to eat multiple courses and consume more together, according to a Cornell University study.

Pounds Away! Rope in your partner and plan a healthy lifestyle you can share. Also, try to iron out any issues in your relationship. According to Health Psychology, women in gloomy marriages tend to seek solace in food and are less likely to work out.


Feel winded after just five minutes on the treadmill? If so, you could be running low on zinc, say experts at the USDA's Grand Forks Human Nutrition 'Research Center in North Dakota, US. Zinc helps your lungs expel carbon dioxide, therefore improving your oxygen intake. So when your zinc level falls, it's no wonder your lung power dips.

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