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How To Stop Overeating?

Even if you exercise, there's no way to look great if you make bad eating decisions. Here are top three reasons many overdo it with food and how to cut back healthfully.

Forgetting To Eat

Going more than five hours without food (except when you're sleeping) makes your body extremely hunger, and it temporarily loses its ability to feel full so you likely bringe at your next meal. If you haven't eaten in five hours, have something light, even if you don't feel hungry.

Eating When Upset

You're eating because you feel "empty" and you want to make that feeling go away - not because you're actually hungry and need food. Those unnecessary calories add up and cause weight gain. Figure out what's really going on. (Has a friend been ignoring you? Are you nervous about a test?) Then do something to deal with the problem - that way, you won't have the urge to "eat" it away.

Overeating With Friends

When you're having so much fun eating and chatting, you don' always realize that you're full - so you keep at it. If you eat more than your body needs, you'll likely store those extra calories as fat. You don't have to ditch your friends and eat alone. Instead focus on eating slowly - chew each bite along enough to notice its flavor and texture. It'll help you sense when you get full.

Willpower To Lose Weight

According to a study published to the journal Appetite, the mere vivid the mental image of the food you desire, the stronger the craving - and the more difficult it is to ignore. The good news? You may be able to use your sense of smell and sight to combat cravings, says study co-author Marika Tiqgemann, a professor of psychology at Flinders University In Adelaide, Australia. Try this technique to build your willpower:

  • Identify the strongest food craving you've had recently. Was it the M&MS calling you from the office vending machine yesterday afternoon? Then...
  • "Squash" the craving in your memory by envisioning a goal you want more: To fit into your "skinny" jeans or to reach a more healthy weight. Hold on to that goal and connect it to three beautiful smells - not related to food. Practise thinking about these new positive images-the scent of the beach, your skinny jeans-when a food craving comes on.
  • Write down the images and smells below. Post the list on the fridge or put it m your purse so that you can look at it when the cravings strike.

Having Trouble Losing Weight?

Red pepper flakes might do the trick. A recent study in the international Journal of Obesity reported that capsaicin (which makes red pepper piquant), when added to your meal, makes you eat less and feel more satisfied. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, add 0.9g of red pepper to a glass of tomato juice and drink it half an hour before a meal. Participants in this study found themselves feeling more satisfied and eating less throughout the day.

More Powder To You

New research has identified another way fibre can help you drop kilos. in a study at the University of Troms' in Norway, 176 overweight people who followed a reduced-calorie diet and took daily fibre supplements for a month lost nearly twice as much weight as people on the same low-calorie diet who popped a placebo.

The supplemental fibre - 4 grams daily performed the same trick as fibre from food: It made them feel full, so they ended up eating less. But don't load up on Metamucil. Although three brands of supplements were used in the study, researchers credit their common ingredient: glucomannan, a type of soluble dietary fibre derived from tubers of the Amorphophallus konjac plant.

Toast To Good Eating Habits

A recent British Medical Journal study found that wine drinkers tend to be more educated and slimmer than beer guzzlers. The former group stocked up on more fruit, vegetables, low-fat cheese and cooking oil compared to the latter group who ate more sugar, sausages and butter. The research analysed 3.5 million Danes, but studies conducted in the US and France produced the same results. Research also showed that wine drinkers comprised mostly middle-aged women while less-educated healthy young men made up the beer-drinking group.

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