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How To Tell Your Girl She's Fat Without Getting Dumped!

If your girlfriend's looking like a lump of coal these days, here're five ways to break the news to her without breakin' her heart.

"Baby, do you think I put on weight? Throw a pity-party about how fat you feel. Moan about your thunder thighs and thickening waistline and you'll have her fat-obsessed in minutes.

"Did You Top Shrink In The Washer?" The trick is to say it like you mean it. Tell her it looks kinda odd now and suggest a looser fit. She'll forever swear off ice-cream and chips!

"I Think Your Friend Doesn't Look So Good After She Put On Weight." Women have a full-time job monitoring their girlfriends' expanding hips/boobs. If you let on that her gorgeous girl pal looks fat, she'll be running to the bathroom for some personal reflection herself.

"I Bought This Dress For Slim Women Like You." If your girl needs to shed some pounds, buy her an outfit a few sizes out of reach. She'll be thrilled that she looks thin in your eyes and desperate to fit into that cursed knit!

"Honey, Let's Lose Weight Together." Set a goal. For every kilo she drops, you'll match it even. Women are into commitment and she'll love that you're investing in her as much as she's risking her all for you. Then watch her finally start on that diet!

Quit Smoking And Don't Gain Weight

This should make you want to stub out for good: prolonged nicotine use may actually make you eat more, says Professor Robin Mermelstein, a smoking cessation researcher at the University of Illinois. If you're worried about increased appetite after quitting, don't be. That's because studies show that female quitters aren't any more likely to gain weight than others.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Keep Off The Weight Once You've Quit

Use A Nicotine-Replacement Product

Nicotine gum or patches reduce hunger pangs as well as cravings for cigarettes.

Keep Your Metabolic Rate Up

Nicotine causes the body to burn 200 calories more a day. Compensate for the dip by leaving a bite or two uneaten on your plate and adding a 15-minute brisk walk to each day.

Distract Yourself

Don't replace cigarettes with high-calorie treats. Think up non-food rewards such as a massage or a shopping trip.

Can Coconut Oil Help Lose Weight?

Recent diet books have touted coconut oil for weight loss and health. Unlike more nuts that contain heart-healthy fats, the main fat in coconut oil is saturated fat. However, the main saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). Unlike the longer saturated fats in dairy products and meat, MCTs are shorter, more quickly absorbed and likely to be burned for energy rather than stored as fat.

Numerous studies show that MCTs increase metabolism, aid in weight loss and lower body fat. Lauric acid is also mildly effective in protecting against liver damage, possibly aiding thyroid function and providing some anti-inflammatory benefits. However, there are no studies on coconut and weight loss, only mixed evidence using purified MCTs. Experts says that coconut oil will not help you lose weight.

Every gram of coconut oil has 9kcal of energy, which means every 15g of oil equal to 135kcal. For healthy eating, it is better to cook with heart-healthy poly-unsaturated oils like soya bean oil or a monounsaturated oil like olive oil.

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