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Top 10 Calorie Burners

Do note: People who are nearing their 40s and have been leading a sedentary life should see their doctor before they embark on any physical activity.


Calories Burnt: Depending on the pace, you can bum anything from 634 calories per hour (8kmh) to 911 calories per hour (11.2kmh).

Suitable For: People with no problems in the weight-bearing joints (back, hip, knee and ankle). Start slow and work your way to a faster pace and longer distance/duration gradually. The essentially solitary nature of the exercise makes it a great way to de-stress.


Calories Burnt: As long as you are doing laps, you will bum between 634 calories per hour (freestyle at moderate pace) and 792 calories per hour (breaststroke).

Suitable For: People with creaky, painful joints that can't take the pounding of high-impact sports like running and aerobics. Great exercise if you're looking for lean, strong muscles and cardiovascular fitness. Again, very solitary pursuit that helps you clear your mind as you clock up the laps.


Calories Burnt: Like running, how much you bum depends on the speed. Walk at 5kmh and you will bum 265 calories per hour. Speed up to 6.5kmh and you're touching 396 calories per hour.

Suitable For: People who are overweight, especially if they have relatively no problems with the joints and muscles in the lower body. Great rehabilitation work for recovering heart patients as long as it is done within the doctor's recommendations.

Gym Workout

Calories Burnt: Can vary from 238 calories per hour if you're doing a light workout with weights to 475 calories per hour if it's a vigorous workout. Group exercise classes like aerobics bum between 396 calories per hour (low impact) and 554 per hour (high impact)

Suitable For: Those who don't like exercising outdoors. Weight training, if done slowly and with controlled movements, is low impact but high on calorie bum. Combined with some cardio work, either in an aerobics class or on the treadmill, it is great for overall fitness and body shaping.


Calories Burnt: The average player burns 356 calories per hour while professional players bum much more when they play opponents of the same level or better.

Suitable For: People with a good sense of hand-eye coordination and agility. The vigorous nature of the game - constant backpedalling, lunging forward and overhead shots - requires a strong back and above-average fitness. There is impact on the joints as you leap for shots.


Calories Burnt: That weekend kickabout with your kakis will bum 554 calories per hour but if you're playing a match (and chasing down every ball in your vicinity), that jumps to 792 calories per hour.

Suitable For: People who like to combine their exercise with some team camaraderie. There is a lot of demand on the knees, with sudden stops and starts, twisting and kicking. Requires a high degree of joint stability.


Calories Burnt: Mountain biking will burn 673 calories per hour while road biking can vary from 634 (moderate speed) to 792 calories per hour (vigorous).

Suitable For: People with joint problems, especially in the lower body, as it is essentially a low-impact workout. However, the environment and equipment play a big role, with road bikers facing traffic hazards and mountain bikers faring uneven, unpredictable terrain.


Calories Burnt: If you're playing a game, you will bum 634 calories per hour, but if you're just shooting hoops with friends, it drops to 356 calories per hour.

Suitable For: People with relatively fit bodies that are free of muscle and joint problems. The jumping and twisting place a lot of stress on the back, knees and ankles. Plus, competitive play involves some body contact that can lead to injuries.


Calories Burnt: If you walk the course with the golf bag on your back, you will bum 356 calories per hour, but jump onto a golf cart and it drops to 277 calories per hour.

Suitable For: People who find other sports too strenuous, as long as they have no back, shoulder and knee injuries. Most injuries happen at the driving range where the repetitive swinging takes a toll on the back and shoulders. Poor technique often contributes to the problems.


Calories Burnt: Mild Hatha yoga bums around 198 calories per hour. But if you up the intensity with more demanding forms of yoga or even Bikram yoga which is done in a hot room - the number of calories burnt goes up.

Suitable For: People with reasonably flexible bodies and no severe joint problems. The more advanced postures can be strenuous on the neck and spine.

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