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Makeups: Change A Woman In A Instant

Makeup possesses the power to change a woman in a instant. The excitement with it has always been about mixing and matching. There are no hard and fast rules so experiment away. Show a different side of yourself. Go bold instead of playing it safe and ending up unnoticed.

The Luscious Pout

Never judge a lipstick by the way it looks or its name. The color you see on the stick may not look the same on your lips. Lipstick is like any other makeup you have to try it on. Long-lasting lipsticks are drier and may leave a permanent stain on your lips. Look for moisturising formulas that protect while delivering superb color.

To make them last longer, apply with a brush then blot withtissue - enough just to leave a stain, then reapply the colur. In general, lipsticks with darker colors tend to have longer staying power. Keep lips smooth and moisturised by regularly buffing with a lipscuff and hydrating with a lip balm.


If anything, lipsticks are often the first cosmetics every girl invests in. Of all j makeup, lipstick is the best "transformer" for a face. There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a lipstick shade. The deeper your skin tone, the deeper the shade of lipstick you can wear. Medium skin tones should go for brown-based mauves and berries.

Pale skin should stick to nudes, beiges, light corals and pinks. Matte lipsticks last  longer compared to glosses. To keep lipstick on longer and to prevent smears, apply foundation on the lips prior to it, lt is also important to use foundation or concealer to even out any discoloration or darker areas around the mouth.

Foundation And Blusher

The first thing to get right in the makeup book is foundation. You must be prepared to try many shades before finding one that suits your skin type and tone. Yellow-based undertones are best to closely match your skin tone. The color should blend with skin on your neck as well to avoid a demarcation line.

If you can't find the right shade, try mixing two shades together until you do. The rule of thumb is this: if it's too pink, add more yellow tones. If it's too yellow, add more pink. Contrary to popular belief, unless you're going for a photo shoot, you should only apply foundation on areas that you need instead of the whole face, which makes your face look pasty.

Apply concealers that are a shade lighter to cover blemishes or acne. Choose concealers with orange-yellow tones to counteract blue undertones under the eyes. You may opt to apply concealers alone and finish with loose powder and skip the foundation. Powder is essential for base makeup. It also helps to set the foundation and is great for touch-ups. 

Blush - there are two main shades: pink and peach. Pink gives a rosy glow while peach helps to give the illusion of prominent cheekbones. Depending on skin type, you can choose either powder or cream blusher. Always smile to get the apple of your cheeks to protrude so you know the exact place to swirl your brush on. Again, as with everything else, less is more. If you do happen to be a little heavy-handed, correct mishaps by applying loose powder over the blush.

Pretty Palettes

Great eye makeup can be achieved easily with neutral and earth-tone eyeshadows. Don't apply one flat shade but play with contours to avoid puffy-looking eyes. Best technique: use a beige-brown shade all over lids, fading outward and upward. It creates an illusion of deeper-set eyes. When going bright, choose only one color such as green and apply on lower lids. Don't apply to the whole lid or you'll look puffy. Rule to remember: dark colors contour while light colors highlight.

The Right Base

The keyword in applying foundation is "blend". Whether you're applying powder or liquid, you have to blend well so you don't get streaks, patches or scaly skin. The shade should ideally blend with skin on the neck, not the face, so don't use foundation to cover spots (you have concealers for that) as you will end up being too white. The best foundation is liquid as it makes you look natural and dewy, giving you the radiance you desire. Powder blush is still the favorite because it's easy to apply and gives you a rosy glow without much hassle.


Your eyes are the windows to your soul and enhancing them sends that message across faster. For shock elements, go for bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, blue or green. For a down-to-earth look, go for beige and brown. The best technique is to use one color on the lids and from there, create intensity by layering. It may be a soft look, but it does wonders to your appearance.

To create sexy smoky eyes, apply a pale color on the lids and a darker color running into the creases and along the upper and lower lash lines. This makes eyes look bigger. The key is to make people notice your eyes and not your eye makeup. Remember that dark colors deepen or hollow an area and light colors bring it forward.


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