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How To Cut Your Own Bangs

There is hope yet - that you won't have to suffer a bad fringe day ever again. "Never cut your fringe at home," was the warning given by not one, but two out of three of the hair stylists that we interviewed. It's funny not only because, at one time or another, we all have done it before - but also because we're here to teach you to do it yourself, at home! So here's the deal. Only cut your fringe when the situation has become desperate-when it's late and all the salons are closed or when you're struggling to have a life outside work.

Other than these reasons, go and see your hair stylist for a trim. It's easy to understand why hair stylists are so concerned about us chopping our own fringes. The fringe frames the whole face so if you got a bad fringe, it spoils your whole look.  Many of us are still not sure what kind of fringe looks best on us, so here's a handy guide.

  • If you want straight bangs, only do it if you have nice big eyes, an oval face with a high forehead.
  • If you have a round or angular face, your fringe should fall above the tip of your nose and be swept to the side -this gives your face more contour. So now that we've got all the facts straightened out, let's get started.

Side-Swept Fringe

Step 1: Divide your fringe into two sections - the top section (towards the crown) and the bottom section, (at the beginning of the hairline). Clip back the top section and take the lower portion, pulling it straight down towards your eyes. Snip away with scissors, tilted upwards at a 45 degree angle, till you reach the desired length.

Step 2: Take the same section of hair and do point cutting. Hold your scissors tilted sharply with the points towards your hairline, and snipping to give it a wispy look. If you choose not to do this, it will just be a straight-cut fringe.

Step 3: Unclip the top section of your hair and repeat steps 1 and 2. Maintenance: Trim every two weeks. Hair generally grows around 3cm to 6cm a week. Some people need a month, some just two weeks.

Quick Tip: When using any hair product, spread it out on your palm - not on your fingers - before smoothing it onto your hair.

A Long Fringe

Step 1: Make sure your hair is dry; wet hair is longer and your fringe may not look the way you want it after you've cut it when wet. Section your fringe into two or three sections from the crown to your hairline, depending on how thick you want your fringe to be. Comb your hair down towards the chin.

Step 2: Cut the fringe in a slight curve - not snipping in a straight line across your face, but leaving it slightly longer towards the sides, and just a little shorter towards the nose. Take your time and cut small sections at a time.

Step 3: When you get the style you want, then point cut the fringe to give a softer look, one that has more movement.

Maintenance: For long fringe, trim every three months or more.

A Full Fringe

Step 1: When your fringe is semi-dry, pull it towards you gently. Ben warns you not to pull it taut, or else you might risk your fringe being shorter than you had expected.

Step 2: Part it section by section and do a blunt cut, straight across the forehead.

Maintenance: It really depends on how fast your hair grows. Cut it when it gets uncomfortable.

Quick Tip: If you have natural curls, blow them out straight before trimming them.


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