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Things Women Should Give A Damn About

One morning, you and a pregnant lady board the train to work. All seats are occupied, naturally, and you notice the mum-to-be standing in front of a few men who are all comfortably seated, seemingly unaware of her existence. Do you ask one of them to give his seat up? Or do you just hold your peace? Meanwhile, at work, your colleague is complaining yet again about her "stupid" maid.

She proudly declares she doesn't give the girl any day off and keeps her on a diet of instant noodles and luncheon meat. Do you take the time to enlighten her? We women have to be savvier and have our fingers on the pulse of things. Here's how you can start showing you're more than just the average women.

The Avian Flu

Give A Damn! It could wipe out 20 to 50 million people worldwide! The avian flu has spread beyond the borders of Asia, now striking Europe and Africa as well. Most frightening of all, some experts say it is acting like the 1918 flu virus, which took20 to 50 million lives. If this avian flu does start to spread from human to human, we'll have a monster of a pandemic on our hands.

Right now, the best way to protect yourself is to be hyper-hygienic. Wash your hands after handling eggs or poultry and don't go to work if you're unwell. Experts are also beseeching the public not to personally stockpile on Tamiflu. Instead, find out how much your government has, what they're doing to manage the possible outbreak, and how you can help.

Doormat Behavior

Give A Damn! It's our self-esteem at stake! Do you let your boyfriend criticise your appearance in front of others? Do you shrug it off every time he bosses you around the house? Not having the guts to speak up could spell trouble for your self-esteem. If you don't know how to be assertive, you might experience depression, a sense of helplessness, resentment, and this will affect your relationship with other people.

Start by saying no to the colleague who pushes you around and by insisting that snobbish waiter return the wrong dish to the kitchen. Once you've built up your confidence, you can finally put that bossy man in his place.

Women Smoking

Give A Damn! Puffing ciggies is the main cause of heart disease in women below 50 years old. For something without a single good, smoking's gained a lot of female fans. The number of young women between 18 and 29 years old who smoke daily rose from 5.2 percent in 1998 to 6.6 percent in 2004.

The New England Journal of Medicine has found that women who smoked one to four cigarettes a day had double the risk of developing fatal heart disease comp compared to those who didn't light up. Smoking also increases your risk of getting a whole bunch oE6ther scary diseases but we're sure know all that. So quit being stupid and stop puffing your life away.

Right To Safe Sex

Give A Damn! More heterosexual women are getting infected with HIV. As women, we have the right to enjoy sex safely. Unfortunately, may women still let their partners get away with not using a condom. A condom is not an optional sex tool, nor is it only used because you don't wand to get pregnant. A condom is the most effective protection against sexually transmitted infections.


Give A Damn! Hey, we're not living in the Dark Ages anymore! Is it that hard to put your mobile phone on silent mode at the movies? Which part of "No flash photography" do you not understand? Even if you're not guilty of the above crimes, you could be guilty of staying silent.

Nudge offenders to practise considerate behavior. And when was the last time you gave up your seat to the elderly or pregnant (it's not just guys who are supposed to do so, you know). If you can't, ask a man to kindly give up his equality between the sexes isn't an excuse for men to stop being gentlemen.

Shark's Fin Consumption

Give A Damn! Sharks are moving closer and closer to extinction. Every year, 100 million sharks are finned and thrown back into the sea where they die a slow, painful death. Great start to a wedding, eh? About 40 sharks have to be killed so your guests can slurp tasty soups, but did you know that a shark's fins do not impart any flavor?

That means you won't even notice any difference if you were to order sea cucumber and baby abalone soup instead! What can you do to help get the message across? Don't take the easy way out ("It'll be a pity not to drink it since it's killed already"), reject any shark's fin soup that's served to you!

The Asian Tsunami

Give A Damn! Economically, we can make a difference. Women who survived the 2004 tsunami found themselves at the forefront of disaster recovery work, which is still ongoing. But it's not easy - UNIFEM also reported that these women face problems like sexual harassment, human trafficking and being unable to fight for relief.

How can we help? The World Food Program recognises that women in disaster-stricken areas have unique needs and makes it a point to allocate 80 percent of relief to women and 50 percent of educational resources to girls. You can help by making a donation online at

Your Fertility

Give A Damn! Giving birth later can adversely affect your health. We have lived in a competitive world whereby women have been taught from young the importance of being financially independent. In our quest to establish ourselves in the corporate world, more of us are getting married and giving birth at a later age. For the sake of our health, perhaps, it's time to rethink priorities.

According to the Mayo Clinic in the US, a woman's fertility reaches its peak between the ages of 20 and 24. From the age of 35, fertility not only decreases, but a woman has a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes and giving birth to a baby with chromosomal defects. Her risk of developing breast cancer also goes up. Hear that? That's your biological clock tickling. It's not imaginary.

Blogging Responsibly

Give A Damn! Your online ranting could land you in legal hot water. Most people think their blogs are just an electronic extension of their personal diaries. Some even hide behind anonymity and false identities to make irresponsible remarks. But you can be sued for defamation if your blog is open for the world to see.

What if you're unhappy with something someone's posted on your blog? As Doris, a lawyer, says, "If you wish to take action, you'll have to find out who that person is, if he is living in your country and if the statement is defamatory. A statement is not defamatory if it's true or it's an opinion based on what you wrote on your blog." Our advice? Speak responsibly and always be discreet.


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