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Beautiful Breasts

Cleavages are bustin' out all over, it seems. From tabloids to blogs, eye-catching bust-lines were what made headlines, with water-cooler talk revolving around the generous cup sizes of this year's winner. And on a daily basis, images of cleavages juggle - or should that be jiggle - for the attention of passers-by on billboard ads, covers of magazines and on the small screen.

And the media has certainly wholeheartedly embraced this icon of femininity, from publications devoted to lad culture such as Maxim, featuring scantily clad women on and between its covers, to the popularity of models willing to display more decolletage. There is also no shortage of cleavage on big and small screens too, such as Uma Thurman's bountiful bosom in The Producers or on the now-ended MTV reality series, Newlyweds, starring Jessica Simpson and her perfect double Ds.

This show of skin has even migrated from the reel world to reality, with a whole generation of young women flaunting their seemingly blossoming assets in tube tops and barely-there halters. "Boobs are the reason men wake up in the morning and the source of comfort as they lie in bed with their ladies at night," says a male banker in his 30s who declined to be named. "The ideal breast size should be big enough for you to notice, but not of the size that you end up talking to them instead."

However, not all males are breast men. "Of course men like bigger boobs in general but it's not really a deal-breaker unless she's awkward about it," says a 27-year-old lawyer who also declined to be named. "But if she was sensual and comfortable, then I'll be happy." Ironically, women are the ones who are less accepting of their own body shape. "I'm not unsatisfied but I could be happier," says a B-cup, 26-year-old woman, who estimates that half her bra collection is of the bust-boosting push-up variety.

"Certain tops favor those better endowed in the cleavage department and it sucks having to restrict myself from wearing certain pieces just because you're not blessed with a big bust." Women tend to perceive their own breasts as smaller than an ideal breast size, and a great deal smaller than the size they think preferred by men. "I'd say a full B," says one 26-year-old woman in the sales industry, when asked about her ideal bra size.

"But the ideal size to men? The bigger the better how about a double D?" The lawyer who spoke of deal-breaking boobs declares: "I don't think there's a need for a boob job as long as she's happy and comfortable with herself." But try telling that to the millions of women, prodding and stuffing their bosoms to fulfill their ideal of buxomy beauty. If not the cups of bras, then at least the coffers of plastic surgeons, breast beauticians and push-up bra-makers are guaranteed to be filled to the brim.

Pump Up The Volume

Bend and snap. These are words from Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon's l character in the movie Legally Blonde, to her nail stylist Paulette Bonafonte (Jennifer Coolidge). The objective? To catch a man's attention by assuming an upright position with one's chest pushed forward. But, as the scene continues, Paulette "snaps" a little too hard and ends up breaking the nose of her object of affection, who happens to be standing too close.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to make a mountain out of a molehill without injuring anybody - just pop on the right kind of bust-boosting underwear. These undie-cover weapons of mass distraction include push-up bras; silicone gel inserts - nicknamed "chicken fillets" because of their shape and color; lacy, racy lingerie; and custom-made bras that make the most of every inch of your assets.

Not that it is difficult to understand the universal appeal of the Maximizer bra. The Maximizer offers all the benefits of a boob job but without surgery or silicone. Better yet, breasts retain their bounce and suppleness in a bra, and even if you get a different Maximizer bra every day for 365 days,  it would just be roughly equivalent to the cost of getting breast implants. 

Embedded in each cup of the Maximizer bra is a sponge pad that pushes the breasts upwards and towards the centre, thereby "maximising" your cleavage. Cleavage is the name given to the groove, or "valley" as it is termed by some men, between the two breasts. The Maximizer comes with a layer of extra padding, which you can remove if you are looking for a gentle uplift instead of an in-your-face decolletage.

Over in the land where everything that's bigger is better, American lingerie giant Victoria's Secret produces a never-ending slew of push-up bras. In order of increasing performance, there are: Ipex, The Miracle Bra, and the latest incarnation, the Infinity Edge Push-Up. Ipex is a technology trademarked by Victoria's Secret. It refers to a graduated pad seamlessly integrated at the apex of the bra cup to give you smooth and lightweight coverage as well as a push-up where it is needed.

The Miracle Bra presumably creates whal its name suggests. It calls itself the "original, cleavage-enhancing bra, designed with cleverly angled underwire cups" and purports to add a full cup size to your bust. Its latest technology Infinity Edge - certainly gives new meaning to the term "Valley Girl". Each cup is embedded with a gel pack that moulds itself to the shape of the breast and the bra also comes with removable "extreme cleavage pads".

As for "chicken fillets", these are basically silicone gel inserts that can add anywhere from one to three cup sizes to your current bust size. Wearers just slide them between the bra and the breast to pump up the volume. As push-up bras usually come in plain designs, using these silicone inserts gives a woman the versatility of choice with her lingerie. Spotted a beautiful lace bra that has no padding?

No problem. Just pop one of the "chicken fillets" under your bust and voila - instant cleavage. Another way to beautify your bustline is through more subtle, sexier lingerie. These are usually of the lacy variety and they work especially well with strappy tops that tend to slip provocatively off your shoulder.

The most popular brands for this "sexy" type of lingerie include British label Agent Provocateur, French label Chantelle, and Italian label La Perla. They are all known for their intricate, lace-intensive designs in a deep-V plunge or "balconet" style. The former works like a push-up bra to give you a deeper cleavage. The balconet bra, meanwhile, offers strictly a vertical uplift and is especially useful when you are wearing square-neck tops and dresses.

Myths About Breasts


Drinking More Milk Will Increase Your Cup Size

Drinking more milk will increase your cup size. Milk provides calcium which is essential for healthy bones but has no effect on the size of your breasts.

Women With Small Breasts Are Unable To Breast-Feed Successfully

Women with large breasts do not necessarily produce more milk than women with small breasts or vice versa.

Breast-Feeding Makes Your Breasts Sag

It depends. Breasts enlarge and the skin stretches during pregnancy and breast-feeding in the same way as the abdomen does when a woman is pregnant. Most of the time, the skin will contract back to normal size after breast-feeding stops just like the stretched abdominal skin contracts gradually after delivery.

Sagging is due to loss of elasticity in the supportive tissues of the breast. Breasts sag when women do not have adequate bra support, for example when they do vigorous sports like jog or play tennis, or when the breasts are large and heavy. Women who engage in sports should wear specially designed sports bras for the additional support.

Doing Regular "Breast-Enhancing" Exercises Can Give You Bigger Breasts

Not entirely true. Some exercises strengthen and tone the chest muscles. Toned chest muscles in general improves the appearance of the upper body and hence the appearance of the bust.

All Skinny Women Have Small Breasts And Bigger Women Have Larger Breasts

Thin women can have large breasts. Most bigger-sized women may have larger breasts because of a general larger percentage of body fat.

Only Women Can Develop Breast Cancer.

One per cent of all breast cancers diagnosed yearly occur in men.

Breasts Can Grow If Massaged Regularly.

There is no clinical evidence for this, just as eating chicken breast meat won't make breasts bigger.


Wearing A Good Bra Regularly During Puberty Will Result In More Beautifully Shaped  Breasts In Adulthood

It is important to wear a well-fitting bra from the onset of puberty. It gives adequate support and prevents excessive sagging in the future due to the additional weight.

The Underwire Of A Bra Can Set Off Metal Detectors At The Airport

An underwire bra may set off the alarm and require additional screening, according to the American Transportation Security Administration website.


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