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Life Me Up: Bust-Boosting Formula

If you want beautiful breasts but don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have silicone bags put in your chest, not to mention endure the pain of surgery, beauty salon treatments may be just the bust solution. Depending on how realistic your expectations are, it may be possible to firm up your bust by at least a couple of centimetres without resorting to the knife or deviously designed bras.

Traditional methods of firming up the bust have involved rubbing in creams rich in collagen or phyto-oestrogen, which contains hormones to encourage cell growth. But with the advent of technology in every other aspect of our lives; bust enhancement has been made easier with machines, too. These machines weren't invented to work miracles, of course, but they help to achieve the same results faster.

Bust enhancement and bust firming may seem like two terms for the same procedure. But bust enhancement refers to an actual increase in bust size, while bust firming refers to the uplifting of saggy breasts. So the end may be different, but the means are in fact the same. Whether it's to obtain bigger breasts or perkier peaks, the latest technology in bust beautification includes techniques known as mesoporation and radio-frequency.

Mesoporation delivers products into your skin using a high-tech electric needle. It does not pierce the skin, but conducts an electric current which temporarily opens up the skin's outermost layer by creating tiny passageways called electropores. It is through these pores that bust-firming creams can be easily absorbed. Radio-frequency treatment involves the delivery of heat to underlying tissues, to encourage changes in the skin that make it appear firmer, healthier and younger.

This is administered via a "suction machine" which purports to boost collagen in the bust tissue, making the bust fuller and firmer. You will see instant results in the form of a fuller and rounder bust, as well as an increase in cup size anywhere from 2 to 6cm, says experts Impressive claims, but is this treatment for anyone and everyone? There are two types of clients those who want to take preventive measures and those who are reactive, says experts.

Those in the first category are in their late 20s and their objective is to maintain the firmness of the breast. The other category consists of women in their late 30s, whose breasts have sagged after childbirth. But most experts does not think it is possible to firm up the skin in the bust area to a great degree for a long time. It's likely that they use creams which merely irritate the skin, and that's what causes the bust to swell and look fuller. But the effect won't last.

If it were that effective, your hands, which you use to apply the creams, would permanently swell too. But what about just firming up saggy breasts? Apparently, this is more achievable, and grounded in science. Creams that are sold over beauty counters, as well as creams used in beauty salons, are rich in a skin-firming agent called dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which is used in many anti-wrinkle creams. This helps lift Baggy breasts by tightening the skin.

Apart from such creams, there is also a medical, but non-surgical, procedure that achieves the same effect in a lot less time. Called Thermage, it is currently the only non-invasive treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration that delivers tighter skin and promotes healthier collagen. It does not increase your bust size, but is effective in lifting saggy breasts.

Thermage uses radio-frequency waves to replace older, looser collagen fibres with stronger, thicker fibres. The skin then contracts and tightens with time so any wrinkling on the chest disappears and breast tissue lifts up. It is administered by a certified doctor, not a beautician, and costs more than beauty salon treatments but less than surgical implants.

Each Thermage session is roughly US$2500, and the results, which have been described to be akin to wearing a push-up bra, are permanent. Best of all, Thermage treatment has no known side-effects. And most people are able to return to their regular activities immediately following the procedure. Most uplifting news indeed.

Bust Trendspotting

Trend 1: Rubbing in-creams rich in collagen or phyto-oestrogen, which contain-hormones to encourage cell growth.

Administered By:. Self

Trend 2: Mesoporation, which delivers products into your skin using a high=tech electric needle. It does-not pierce the skin, but conducts an electric current which temporarily opens up the skin's outermost layer by creating tiny passageways called electropores. Through these pores, bust-firming or skin-tightening creams are better absorbed.

Administered By:.A Beauty Salon Therapist

Trend 3: Radio-frequency treatment This involves the delivery of heat to underlying tissues-to encourage changes in the skin that make it-appear firmer, healthier and younger.

Administered By: A "suction machine", operated by a therapist at a beauty salon.

Trend 4: Thermage, currently the only rion-invasive skin-tightening treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and which promotes healthier Collagen. After just one treatments results are visibleand saggy breasts will continue to lift over the next six months.

Administered By: A certified medical doctor

A Boost In A Bottle

Sagging, wrinkly breasts used to be a real drag in the life of accountant Susan, 42. She wished for a bust-boosting cure that didn't involve the pain of going under the knife. And she was unwilling to go for treatments at beauty salons because she was to shy to expose her body. But now, there's more bounce in her walk. Five months ago, she was introduced to Activa Blossom Bust Self-Heating Mask, an at-home treatment designed to smoothen and firm the decollete area in 30 seconds.

She swears that after the first treatment, her husband "tested the results", and reported her breasts were firmer and smoother. But those who believe the path to a beautiful bosom lies in the form of a miracle creams should "take the claims with a pinch of salt", says Dr Joanne which specialises in beauty treatments. Her concern is that a tingling sensation or reddening can be wrongly mistaken for the product working in magic.

But she warns, "Most times, this is actually an allergic reaction," and in some cases, could be potentially very severe and uncomfortable." And Dr Irene, a consultant dermatologists, says "there is no evidence that any of these bust-boosting creams work. Her rationale is that ingredients which and eland the breasts, such as collagen, absorbed into the skin. At most, she says "they probably have moisturising properties".

In her opinion, the best non-invasive way of increasing the bust size, or lifting the bust, is to "use a push-up or padded bra, which at least gives an instant effect". bust-boosting products on the market which claim to lift, enlarge and firm in as little as two weeks. Whatever the .doctors' views, there are scores of bust-boosting products on the market which claim to lift, enlarge and firm in as little as two weeks.

But perhaps the best decision customers can make is to not expect a miracle cure. Which is why Susan is happy to continue with her bi-weekly bust masks, even though she knows the results are short-term. "There's no pain and it's ;simple to apply," she says. "It's a small price to be able to wear tops with plunging necklines."


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