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Asian Skin

In the city, strong sunlight bounces off glass and concrete to hit you from all sides. Add city stress and you've got a recipe for dark spots and skin that looks 10 years older than it really is! Asian skin has much more collagen than Caucasian skin, so it faces wrinkles much earlier. But your skin also contains more melanin- the pigment that gives skin its color. 

This melanin is also very sensitive to the sun, so from the age of 20, Asian women face problems with uneven skin pigmentation and dark spots. "Asian skin has more melanin and is thus more susceptible to skin discoloration such as freckles and dark spots, compared to Caucasian skin. This irregular skin discoloration, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a big concern for Asian women, especially if they live in areas where UV exposure is high," says Dr Andrew, a dermatologist.

The stress of living in a city doesn't help. Experts discovered that stress triggers your body to pump out more melanin, and do it unevenly. You don't have to get a sunburn to damage your skin. Even if you never burn, small amounts of UV damage add up over your childhood and teen years. By the time you're in your late 20s and 30s, this damage starts to show as hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Ageing skin also becomes more sensitive to LTV rays and repairs UV damage more slowly. So you need to use sunblock every day, plus follow a whitening regime. Some products give an immediate boost, but to see maximum results, persist for three months. This is how long your skin takes to renew itself. This smoother, fairer and more youthful skin can make you look years younger.


A serum, also known as a spot eraser, concentrate or essence, is a must in any whitening regime. It has the highest concentration of active ingredients in the range, to intensively slow melanin production plus lighten brown spots and skin pigmentation.


Cleansers in whitening ranges generally help remove surface skin cells that contain excess melanin. This reveals a more translucent complexion. If a foaming wash isn't right for you, there are two new textures you can check out.

Treatment Mask

Intensive whitening face masks are a new trend in whitening. Designed to lighten dark spots more intensively while moisturising skin, they're created to give you a more radiant complexion with an even skin tone, usually with just one usage.

UV Blocks

Put them at the top of your whitening must-have list - even ahead of serums.

Eye Treatments

Many eye protecting formulations now also have whitening properties.

Whitening Checklist

See if you are in need of whitening with this quick test. Give yourself two points for each sentence that applies to you.

  1. My skin looks dull.
  2. Freckles increase around my eye contours and on my cheekbones.
  3. My skin tone is uneven and dark.
  4. My skin texture is dry, rough and flaky in certain areas.
  5. My skin feels saggy and less firm than before.
  6. Make-up does not stay well on my skin.
  7. I often experience skin problems.


0 - 4: Lucky you! You have naturally beautiful, translucent skin.

6 - 8: Time to think about whitening skincare.

8 - 14: It's time to get serious with a whitening skincare regimen. You may also find it useful to see a dermatologist for an expert kickstart.

What Causes Skin Hyperpigmentation?

  1. Exposure to UV rays from the sun.
  2. Skin micro-inflammation, from stress of the sun's rays.
  3. Friction from scrubbing skin too hard. Some new research indicates that over-enthusiastic use of nylon rubbing towels causes micro-inflammation and darkening.
  4. Ageing, so cells heal more slowly
  5. Allergic reaction to skin products.
  6. Hereditary factors.

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