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Key figure fixers in blend-perfect nude to transform your shape-secretly. Wearing the wrong undies can create ugly bulges and unwanted, very visible lines under your clothes.

Our 3 Must-Have Basics:

  1. Thongs to combat dreaded VPLs (visible panty-line)
  2. Seamless bras to create smooth lines under tight tees.
  3. Nude-colored pieces to blend in under your clothes, especially sheers and whites!

Problem: Your Bra Doesn't "Hold" In Bulges Under The Boobs And Your Flesh Is Spilling Over.

Solution: Nylon long bra with lace trim. A Corset With Boning holds all fleshy bits in and forces you to stand straight and tall. Great with fitted shirts or evening tops, you'll be surprised at how much sleeker you look.

Problem: Bra Creates Awful Bulges

Solution: Polyamide seamless bra. It's almost too good to be true but there are no seams or stitches! The under-wire is insulated within the thin polyurethane foam padding so it doesn't show through and even the label is printed directly on the back band!

Problem: The Elasticated Waistband Of Your Thong Cuts Into Tummy

Solution: Nylon lace thong brief. Marrying a thong and a brief, this sits just below the navel over small tummy bulges. The longer lace panel rests lightly on the hip. The result: A smoother line under clothes.

Problem: You Hate G-Strings But Love Wearing Fitted Pants

Solution: Seamless Nylon Hipster Panty. This thinner-than-paper panty doesn't sit too low at the hips (perfect For pencil skirts and waisted pants), so the band is less likely to cut into hips. Sheer nylon also sits flat on butt cheeks.

Problem: Low-Cut Tops And Dresses, Peekaboo Bra

Solution: Polyamide bra with padding attachments and convertible straps. This seamless, plunging bra can be worn strapless or with clear straps you can adjust to suit your top (eg, criss-cross for racerback tops). Also comes with padded sponge fillers for added cleavage. Silicone strips on the back band prevent it from slipping.

Problem: Visible Bra Straps Under Racer-Back Tops And Turtle Necks Or Straps That Keep Slipping Off Under Your Shirt

Solution: Racer-back back with front clip. Racer-back bras are perfect for turtle necks and racer-back tanks since the straps sit close to the neck. No need to fumble with straps either with these on.

Problem: Thick-Banded Thongs Create Ugly Bulges Under Fitted Or Tight Trousers

Solution: Polyamide hipster G-string. Hipster G-strings are the next best thing to going commando. Thin elastic strings won't show up under light colours and when in the right size, sit beautifully on skin. No accidental peek-aboos when you sit down either.

Problem: Backless Dress, Sagging Or Runway Chest

Solution: Front-clip bra with invisible silicone straps and back band. A slightly padded model with silicone straps and back band which looks practically invisible from behind.

Problem: Hate That Weight Feeling

Solution: Polyamide seamless thong. Great for thong virgins, this one is so comfortable you might just forget you're wearing underwear! Thin polyamide fabric has a lot of give and sits flat on skin. Absolutely no cutting into flesh here.

Problem: Your Mid To Lower Torso Bulges Out In A Fitted Dress

Solution: Nylon high-waist long leg girdle with lace trim. Get the ultimate body shaper with a high waist to hold in that midriff, support the tummy and thighs and give buns a boost. Worried it's a little warm? It's got ventilation strips at the thighs.

Problem: Panties Peek Out From Low-Waisted Jeans, Pants And Skirts

Solution: Sheer Polyester Brazilian briefs with lace trim. Go for Brazilian-style undies as they sit much lower on the hips and have thicker side bands (no cutting into flesh). The boyleg design and lace trim wrap around thighs comfortably and does not ride up.

Problem: Cami Under A Sheer Shirt - Who Needs A Separate Bra?

Solution: Polyamide hidden support camisole. A camisole with a built-in underwire bra (slightly padded) like this is an excellent solution! The built-in bra sculpts and emphasises the bust line with a back reinforcement that ensures extra support. You can even wear it on its own!

Problem: Your Thong Seams Show Through

Solution: Sheer Cotton Thong. Look for wider and flatter elasticated bands - these are less likely to show up since they sit flush with the skin. However, too thick or too thin bands cut into flesh and are raised at the same time, causing unsightly bulges.


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