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Cleansing And Preparation Before Make-Up

The Basic of Cleansing

Whatever the color of the skin or its texture or type, it will always benefit from a good cleansing routine. No make-up of any kind can commenced until the skin has been thoroughly cleanse. Dead cells are continually being shed by the skin. Minute particles of dust, natural secretion from the sebaceous and sweat glands, stale make-up, all these things help block the pores, create black heads and spots, giving a muddy appearance.

Proper cleansing will gently lifts the waste matter and oils, the skin will start to look fresher and will be able to function more easily. Any movement on the skin must be gentle and controlled. Heavy handling will stretch the skin, cause broken capillaries and overstimulate the sebaceous glands. It will damage the texture and will also be uncomfortable for the client.

The 4 Main Steps Before Make-Up


Enable you to have a fresh 'neutral' base on which to start your make-up.


A very gentle buff will help to improve the look of dull skin and reveal the smoother, softer skin underneath.


Helps to soothes and relieves irritation; cools and refreshes the skin.

Sealers/Base Cream

Are applied before the foundation as a barrier between the skin's natural problem (oiliness, flakiness) and the make-up. Apart from creating a much smoother finish this preparation protects and enhance the staying power of foundation. Always choose one which will cleverly combines with a cream foundation for smooth blending and contain the right level of silicone effect to prevent the skin's oiliness coming through to 'shift' the foundation.

A Swipe Of Loose Powder Solves Blusher

For a dewy look, gently dust on some loose powder with a big brush. For a matte finish, use a powder puff instead. Whichever the tool, remember to gently flick off excess powder before applying it.

Use A Lighter Shade On The Nose, Cheeks And T-zone To Illuminate Your Face

Foundation, then concealer, then loose powder - always apply in this order. If you have less-then-perfect skin, choose liquid foundation over a two-way cake or compact for a smoother finish. Use a brush instead of the sponge pad for even distribution of the powder.

Fingers Make The Best Tools

Use different concealer textures for different cover-ups. The undereye area tends to be dry so a liquid concealer allows for easy blending without tugging. Blemishes like acne need a thick creamy concealer.

Acne Flare. Green Will Cancel But The Redness

Pink color correctors reduce the yellow in skins and gives an overall luminosity. Hide blue-black eyebags with a dab of yellow concealer before you apply foundation.

How Clean Is That Makeup?

Ever wonder how clean makeup samples are? The answer isn't pretty, say researchers at Rowan University in New Jersey. When they tested makeup counters on weekend mornings, most were contaminated.

Don't Blame Stores

Retailers have policies to keep products clean, but there are no makeup police. When a shopper uses the bathroom, doesn't wash her hands and touches a powder, it's all over.

Minimise The Risk

Test lipstick on your wrists, not your lips. Ask for take-home samples. Often they're behind the count E.

Change Is Good

Do you often find yourself "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" at the season's boldest shades, only to end up buying variations of the same hues in your makeup pouch? Get out of your makeup rut by taking baby steps, advises makeup artist Joanne. Ditch the usual black eyeliner for green or silver. Apply it as close as possible to the lash line to "widen" your eyes.

Next, experiment with textures: Mix an eye color in gel or jelly with a dot of eye cream on the back of your hand. This makes for easier application to create dewy, sexy eyes. Blend cheek gel along your cheekbones for a hint of color and apply a coral colored lipstick and a dash of lip gloss to complete the look.

Water Daily

Just like plants, your skin needs plenty of water to function well. Water helps flush out the toxins in your body and improves the cell renewal process. Adequate hydration gives you a fresh and dewy complexion all the time.

Cooling Mists

Your skin loses water throughout the day, so it is important to hydrate constantly and frequently. A fine mist spray will do the trick, as it can water your skin even over make-up.

Get Moving

Regular exercise not only benefits your body, but it also improves your complexion. By bringing more oxygen and good nutrients to your skin, it will feel much firmer and better nourished.

Beautiful Balance

Everything in life is about balance - get sufficient sleep and eat lots of fresh foods. All this will contribute towards keeping your body and skin looking and feeling perfect.

Hand Off!

Do not pick, poke, squeeze or scratch your skin because you will only traumatise it and create the risk of scarring. Use treatment products and let them do their work.


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