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Having Good Scents

Spritzing on some scent is the final, finishing touch of the beautifying process for many of us. It is such a powerful tool that it can complement your character, lift your spirits and boost your confidence.

Different Scents For Different Folks

Why does fragrance smell differently on different people? This is due to the variance in skin chemistry. Everything from diet, acid balance, medication, skin oil, pigmentation, mood, and environmental factors can influence how a fragrance develops on the skin, and how long it lasts too.

Changes in the way a fragrance smells can happen if you changed your diet, moved to a new climate, started a new medication, or if you are under more stress than usual. You can also become so used to your regular perfume that you can't smell it anymore. This is called olfactory fatigue. If this happens, be sure to check with others that you aren't dousing yourself with too much, or you can change your scent.

When choosing a fragrance, tell the consultant about yourself, whether you are romantic, athletic, practical, etc - so she can help you select a fragrance to match you perfectly. Apply perfume to the throat, where body heat is closest to the surface and intensifies the scent. The wrist and back of the ears are also key pints. Don't out fragrance on your hair. The sebaceous glands in your scalp will make the fragrance too pungent.

Scent In Style

Dress your style up with fragrances that define them further. "Heaven scent" is how we would like to think of fragrances. They not only make you smell irresistible, they also define your personality. But what you might not realise is how much your choice of fragrances is influenced by your fashion preferences. Find your style profile here.

Sexy Kitten

You're a seductress who loves to flaunt what you have with the sexiest cut. Your best scent is scintillating fragrances with exotic notes. Look for notes that exude sexiness such as cherries, currants, dark chocolate and vetiver to bring out your sensuality.

Romantic Diva

Love rules you and its power lies in your floral and frilly dresses. Your best scent must be made from floral notes, of course. Look for elegant perfumes that evokes intimacy and romanticism. Notes such as sensual woods, seductive musk, patchouli, lavender and vanilla work, too.

Bubby Fun

You're always up for challenge and fun, and love experimenting with the cute dresses and funky styles. Scents that suit you the most are the ones made of fruity notes that showcases a carefree attitude. Look for frosty and crisp green notes, sparkling lemon and orange, while freesia and mimosa.

Clear Up Perfume Confusion!

"Every Fragrance Has Top, Middle And Base Notes. What Does This Really Mean And Does It Matter?"

Top notes are what you smell upon first spritz and they last a few minutes. The middle notes are the heart of the scent, giving the fragrance its character. These appear after a few minutes and can last up to several hours. The base notes add depth, holding and boosting the strength of the top and middle notes. Warmer compounds tike musk often serve as base. In Fantasy, creamy musk is one the base notes.

"The Scent Of Perfume Seems To Change When I Apply It On Myself - Why Is This So? And How Can I Make Proper Choice?"

When you first smell fragrance from a bottle, you generally smell only the top notes. On the skin, the fragrance develops and blends with your natural oils. Moreover, everybody has a different body chemistry (affected by diet and lifestyle) which causes the same fragrance to develop differently on different people. For the most accurate scent, test the fragrance on your wrist or arm and wait about lo minutes for the fragrance to settle. Don't use scented products on the day you're going perfume-shopping and avoid strong food like spices, nicotine and alcohol, all of which disturb your sense of smell.

"Are Lighter Variations As Long-Lasting?"

Many products are made from your favorite perfume, like lotions and bath gels. They're called ancillaries and contain less fragrance oil - to make them last longer, layer them on.

Scent Rules

Is your unused bottle of perfume mocking you from the dresser? Follow these tips to buy a perfect replacement.

Never Buy A Scent In A Hurry As It Needs Time To Develop

Go shop for something else while you let it sink in. If you like the fragrance after two hours, then go for it. Still undecided? Ask for a sample so you can wear the perfume for a few days before committing.

Don't Test More Than Three Fragrances At A Time

Test only one on each arm and wrist. After sniffing too many in a row, your nose can't be trusted! Take a break and get a whiff of coffee beans to neutralise your nose.

Avoid Spraying Near The Watch Or Charm Bracelets You're Wearing

These items usually have a scent of their own, which may affect the fragrance you're testing.


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