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Different Occasions, Different Foundations.

Each different occasion calls for a different foundation. Looking picture-perfect isn't that hard once you have figured out the rules.

The Morning Rush Hour

A compact or pressed powder foundation is your best fuss-free bet. Only minimal blending is needed for a face that's ready in a jiffy!

Your Weekly Tennis Game

A water-based or gel foundation is a perfect fit. An active lifestyle requires a foundation that doesn't look or feel heavy, but still gives a flawless finish.

That Hot Date

No cakey masks, please! Cheat your way to a pretty flush with foundation that has a dewy or sheer finish. Being translucent, it gives you a glow by allowing your natural skin to shine through.

Best Friend's Dinner Party

One with long-lasting matte finish. You don't want your foundation to streak just when the party's heating up! Set with powder and touch up to keep makeup in place.

Professional Makeup Tips

  • Using highlights on cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and inner corners, top and bottom of the eyes. It adds dimension to the face, and catches light where you want it.
  • For eyes, just do the outer corner, fading out off the lid, towards the cheekbone, in icy blue, lavender or peach.
  • Wear a gloss over your long-wear lipstick or line lips with a neutral shade that allows your real lip color to come through.

The Golden Rule Of Wearing Red

The rule is lips or lids, not both. For powerful tips, tone down the eye makeup or you'll overkill the look. Another key element of the new look is liquid eyeliner, which in conjunction with red lip gloss, was used to give the models at Moschino's spring '06 fashion show an extra edge.

The Red For You

If your lips are thin, lighter shades of red will be more flattering. Lips that are too full can be minimised by using brown or blue reds. For yellow skin tones, the best reds are either organge or browns added to the formulation. If your complexion is pink, you'll look better in plum shades.


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