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Exfoliation Myths Debunked

Alcohol Is Hard On Skin

Alcohol has an unjustified bad reputation. The fact is that alcohol is still the best antiseptic around. It is an excellent cleanser and de-greaser, and is virtually non-allergenic. If you use the right products with the right level of alcohol for your skin-type, drying will not be an issue.

Never Exfoliate More Than Once A Week

It's better to exfoliate twice a day using mild or moderate exfoliation than to exfoliate once a week with an extremely harsh process, like a very rough scrub. Exfoliation is comparable to exercise; it's better to follow a custom-fit, moderate programme on a regular basis, than to overdo it, randomly.

If You Use A Skincare Routine For Too Long, The Products Stop Working

It is a misconception that products can suddenly stop working. The products perform as they always did, but the truth is that you skin changes according to factors such as age, climate, season and lifestyle. You should adjust your system according to your skin's changing needs.

You Should Not Exfoliate If You Have Ache

Exfoliating serves the purpose of unclogging the pores, which allows the oil to flow freely to the surface and therefore would help to reduce the first lesions of acne, which are blackheads and whiteheads. If one can prevent the clogging of pores, it goes a long way to preventing the formation of pimples.

TLC For Make-up Brushes

The right make-up tools help you look great faster. Here's how to keep them in tip-top condition.

Powder And Blush Brushes

  • Wet brush head with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of cleanser or mild shampoo to the bristles and work it in.
  • Rinse brush thoroughly and shake off excess water.
  • Squeeze bristles back into their original shape and lay brush flat to dry. You can also hang-dry the brush with the hair tips facing downwards.

Lipstick And Concealer Brushes

  • As these tend to get sticky and pick up dust easily, wash with soap and water first. Then use a brush cleaner which contains isopropyl alcohol, available at most make-up counters.
  • Use the cleaner after the soap-and-water regime. Wash only the bristles and dry as you would powder and blush brushes.

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