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Pick The Perfect Foundation

No doubt about it, foundation is the most important item in your beauty arsenal. With closest contact to your skin, it should appear naturally perfect - an ideal base for the rest of your makeup. 

Creates Pretty Coverage

That's the whole point of foundation - to make natural skin look better than before. On blemished skin, it conceals unsightly marks and scars to create clear, glowing beauty. On flawless skin, a touch of compact powder adds even more radiance.


A good foundation shouldn't fade out or streak after a few hours. It should keep your face looking fresh all day. One that requires frequent touch-ups is not doing its job and you risk walking around with a dual- or multi-hued face as a result.

Has Great Texture

Even the sheerest liquid foundation shouldn't feel too watery. If blending your foundation - whether it's a cake or a cream formula - takes even more effort than using an ink eraser, chuck it.


Regardless of foundation type, it should stay soft and silky smooth on the face. No kabuki-like finish please. Choose a foundation that lets your skin breathe. Besides, a cakey foundation only accentuates flaws - and that defeats the whole purpose of foundation.

Get The Look

Add energy to your eyes with experts' eye-opening tricks.

Get it Now!

  • Start with clean eyes that have been prepped with foundation and an eye shadow base closet to your skin tone.
  • To minimize dark circles, brush on a highlighter that hides imperfections and light up eye contours. Brush some under the eyebrows for a greater eye-opening effect.
  • Using a dark eye crayon, line upper lashes from middle to the outer edge. Do the same to the lower rims.
  • To widen small eyes, trace inner rims with white or silver eye pencil.
  • Wake up those lashes with an eye lash curler. Clamp on and hold for 10 seconds before repeating on the other side. Remember not to tug at the lashes or you'll pulling them out.
  • Finish off with two coatings of volumising mascara.

Beauty Tips

The key to contrast dark eyeliners with nude or pastel-colored eye shadow. Pen correctors or highlighters work better as they conceal and add radiance at the same time. Plus they're often lighter in texture compared to concealers. It's important to frame your eyes with a set of tidily arched brow, too.


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