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Perfect Pair Of Brows

You have heard it before - eyebrows play a crucial role in your appearance. To get a pair of great-looking brows, here are some tips.

  • Keep your brows natural. Every single hair counts, do don't over-pluck as they may not grow back.
  • Use bone or white eyeshadows to highlight the brow area. Opt for matte shades for day and snow or shimmer for night.
  • Rule of thumb. Match your brow color in your eye and hair color. If in doubt, go with brown, but it should be a little darker than your hair.
  • A little exfoliating helps the tweezing process. Use a gentle exfoliator on the brow area, then wipe with a washcloth so you can get at the hairs easily.
  • Threading may be better for you skin than waxing, but you always need a little tweezing to maintain well-groomed brows.
  • Opt for brow embroidery if you have very thin brows. But stay away from tattooed brows. Avoid anything that looks artificial.

Learn About Eyebrow Shaping And Tweezing

A picture or painting takes on a more interesting look when it is well framed. The same is true of the eyebrows as they act as a frame for the eyes. Eyebrows help to set the expression of the face and well formed brows add balance to the face while accenting the eyes. To shape eyebrows, one must work under a good light and use a pair of tweezer that meet well.

Method For Eyebrow Tweezing

  • Remove all the make-up on and under the brow.
  • Wipe the tweezers with surgical spirit or antiseptic lotion.
  • Gently stretch the skin between two fingers, pressing on the skin behind the hair and pluck in the direction of hair growth.
  • Wipe the brow frequently with dry tissue during the procedure to remove stray hairs and to cool the brow.
  • Hair should be mainly removed from below the brow. Stray hair between the brows and at the temples may be removed as long as they do not form part of the main arch.
  • Strong, long or discolored hairs in the brow may be removed if they do not alter the brow line.
  • Over plucked or shaved eyebrows should be left untouch and lightly trimmed regularly until a good shape is achieved.
  • Heavy brows should not be plucked to a fine line in one session. The client should get used to a gradual shaping. It could also be rather painful.

Follow The Following Tips For The Most Appropriate Way To Tweezing Eyebrow

  • Create the curl below the brow
  • Create a straight (slanting upward) line at inner part of brow
  • Brow starts to taper into a fine tip towards the end
  • Lastly create a natural curl at the a rch

Eyebrows Can Change Facial Expressions

  • When the eyebrows are too thin and highly arched, they give the face a surprised look that draw attention to the brows rather than to the entire face.
  • When brows are too widely spaced and slanted downward at the outer ends, they give the eyes a vacuous stare.
  • When brows are too heavy and too close together, they give the impressed of frowning or that the person is displeased.

Some people have brows that grow in a downward direction. This is especially common to Oriental people. When shaping brows of this type, a small cuticle scissors can be used to clip the hair underneath the brow.


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