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Flawless Complexion

Follow This Guide To How You Can Achieve A Flawless Complexion

Eternal Youth

Look for foundations with age-defying ingredients that promise to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines while smoothing away rough skin texture.

Coverage That Lasts

Look for long-wearing, water- and sweat-resistant formulations, plus SPF properties to protect skin all day long.

To Prevent Excess Shine

Look for oil-free and non-cornedo-genic (non-pore clogging) makeup.

Dewy Radiance

Look for a lightweight illuminating foundation with light reflectors to add a soft glow.

To Reduce Large Pores

Look for oil-free matte formulas because the subtle finish they impart can reduce the appearance of pores.

The Au Natural Look

Look for foundation with sheer to medium coverage to give skin a hint of color but won't leave a cakey finish.

Hydrated Skin

Look for liquid or cream versions for a weightless feel, and important ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which draw water from the air for suppleness.

White Veil - Ways To Achieve Even Skin Tone

In Asia, a fair complexion has always been deemed as perfect skin. This explains the surge in demand for whitening products, particularly in Korea and Japan, which help Asian women achieve a fairer complexion. With a vast selection before you, take the following steps to find the effective whitening solution that'll work for you: 

Identify The Problem

Treatment should be sought for pigmentation problems at an early stage. Identify the source of your problem (is it genetics-based, or caused by factors like sunlight, ageing and hormones?) in order to pick a suitable treatment. Talk to a medical professional for appropriate options.

Know About Whitening Ingredients

Every cosmetics company has its own special skin whitening ingredients or formulation that will deliver that skin "miracle". Do simple research on the ingredients or talk to a dermatologist to see if a particular skin whitening product will be useful in solving your problem.

Be Responsible

A suitable product and sun protection can delay the onset of pigmentation or make it less obvious. Using a skin lightening product may help improve pigmentation, but religious use of sunscreen and sun avoidance where possible are also crucial.

What Causes Pigmentation? What Can I Do If It's Hereditary?

Pigmentation or the presence of brown spots on skin can be congenital, ie they're present at birth, or they can be acquired later on in life. There are many causes of acquired pigmentation. It can emerge after a skin injury or treatment, or it can occur when a skin disease - like acne or a rash - heals. You can't prevent the occurrence of hereditary pigmentation but creams or procedures like lasers and chemical peels can lighten them or reduce their formation, and sometimes clear them.

Can Pigmentation Be Reversed Once It's Started Showing On My Skin?

Once pigmentation is seen, it's vital to find out the cause. If there's a causative agent, removing this may clear the pigments or reduce further formation. Many different creams can improve pigmentation. They work by reducing formation of new pigments or removing existing ones. Procedures used to clear pigments include pigment-specific lasers, Fraxel, chemical peels, intense pulsed light and microdermabrasion. The choice of procedure depends on the skin type and cause of pigmentation.

Fun Facts To Keep You Snoozing

Experts say we need eight hours of sleep each night. But research shows that women average only six hours and forty minutes during the week and seven hours on the weekend. Though we're resting, our skin is not. It's working hard to get rid of toxins like free radicals whilst repairing cells to heal itself. Now you know: a good night's sleep is a must! Tip: The best time for your skin to recover is from 10pm to 2am. So make sure you go to bed by 10pm!

Masking It

Whether your skin needs deep-cleansing, extra moisture or detoxification, a mask is a an ideal way to give your skin that extra boost. Use a mask twice a week for needy skins, otherwise a weekly dose will do.

Treat With TLC

Always treat your skin gently - do not pull, tug or excessively scrub your facial skin. This way, your skin will look great as there is less chance of damaging it and getting wrinkles.

Take A Zen Moment

Stress can show up on your skin, no matter how well you take care of it. So make sure you set aside some time every day for yourself - it will not only benefit your state of mind, but also your skin!

The Little Bits

When you are applying your sun protection, don't forget the little areas that are easily forgotten. Your elbows, neck and decolletage need the same care, just as your scalp and the tops of your feet do.

Good Morning To Your Skin

Start your day with a refreshing cleanse. Your skin can collect a lot of dead skin cells, dirt and dust overnight, so it's important to start your day on a clean (and beautiful) slate.

Moisture For All

Although you won't need six different types of moisturisers. It is a good idea to have two or three for different uses. One for your face, one for your eyes and one for your body is the very basic.


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