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Raise Your Brows

Absolutely No-Nos

  • Don't do it on your own if it's your first time grooming your brows. Go to a pro to get them shaped properly. But first, check if the pro's makeup and brows look good.
  • If the shape's already flattering, don't overdo it.
  • Don't try to copy someone else's brows. Appreciate what you have and just enhance it.
  • Don't ever, ever tweeze your brows or someone else's when you are drunk.


Here Are Some Tools That Will Help Tweeze And Tease Your Brows Into Shape

  • Thin tweezers with slanted ends are great as they give better control and grip hair really nicely, whereas pointed ones can scar the skin.
  • Get a pair of cuticle scissors for trimming strands that are too long.
  • Use eyeshadow to fill in brows. Pencils use wax that can melt, while powder has more staying power and looks more natural.

When working on thinner brows, use thinner brushes as they pick up more powder: thicker brows require regular-sized brows brushes and very think brows need definer brushes or liners.

Draw Them In

  • Align a pencil with the side of your nostril so it passes the inner corner of the eye, extending to the eyebrow. This is where your brow should start.
  • To find out where your brows should end, line up a pencil against the nostril so that it passes over the middle of the iris. Where the pencil hits the brows is where the arch should be.
  • To form an arch, trim from the bottom.
  • Create natural brows by filling in from the outer corners. Dab a little powder on the back of your hand and dab it with light short strokes.
  • Don't work on one section too much.
  • Brows are not made equal, so do one that isn't your favorite first, then match the other one to it.

Totally Wicked!

Inject a sinful twist into your summer makeup with four of our all-time favorite villainesses.

Queen Akasha Queen Of The Damned (2002)

Revenge is sweetest when encased in metal. For a swimsuit showdown at the beach, slather bronze makeup all over.

How To Do It:

Face And Body

No time to wait for a self-tanning lotion to work its magic? For a quick all-over glow, mix bronzing cream with body lotion and slather on your arms, legs and torso. For the face, mix the bronzing cream with some facial moisturiser and apply it evenly on face and neck. Blend highlighting powder from under your eyes to your temples. Finally give your cheeks a sun-kissed finish with some bronze blush.


Swipe the brow bone with an eyeshadow in sheer bronze. Then rim the eyes with black eyeshadow, ending with a subtle wing-tip at the outer corners.


Lips in a nude bronze shade are the ideal complement to your strong eyes.

Shadow Play

Mix the four shades in your eyeshadow palette to create a devilishly gorgeous gaze!

The Devil Bedazzled (2000)

There's no sin in the beauty. Corrupt classics tike brawn shadows and red lipsticks to give you a sizzling evening took no man can resist.

How To Do It:


The usually staid eye palette of brown shadows can create magic. Start with the tightest shade on your brow bone and then work your way to your lash line where you apply the darkest brown on the lid over socket. Layer the color bit by bit until you achieve the desired intensity.


Dramatic lashes are a must. Line your upper lash line with black liner. Be sure to extend the liner slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye. Crimp your lashes and coat with black mascara.


To achieve sinful red tips, fill lips with a pencil in a shade closest to your true lip color. Apply the lipstick and blot. Finally, dust on a coat of loose powder and coat lips with a second layer of lipstick.


Colored falsies may be most outstanding, but if you have no time to fumble about with a tweezer and lash glue, give colored mascaras a try!

Poison Ivy Batman & Robin (1997)

Get entwined in a game of lethal attraction! Kick off a dirty weekend with devilish green eye makeup and nectarine-sweet lips.

How To Do It:


Start by applying eyeshadow in vine-green over the entire lid area. Then, add depth and definition by coloring the crease of your eyelids with a sandy brown eye-color.


Give lashes a visual boost by gluing colored falsies in time green at the outer corner of your upper lash line. Finish with a line of shimmery green eyeliner along lash line for emphasis.


Fill your lips with a lip crayon in an orange-red tone. This will serve as a base for your gloss to sit on. Next, coat your lips in an enchanting layer of gloss in a juicy nectarine color, preferably something that tastes as sweet.


The final flourish: Fire engine red nails that'll send his pulse racing.

Hatsumomo Memoirs Of A Geisha (2006)

A clever manipulation of velvety bases and delicate pink blushers equals the perfect day makeup for summer.

How To Do It:


You don't need to paint your skin chalk-white. Simply even out your skin tone with a makeup base that'll brighten up your complexion before applying foundation. Finish off by brushing on some translucent loose powder for cotton-soft skin.

Cheeks And Eyes

Stretch your beauty dollars by doubling up your blush! After adding a tinge of blush to the apples of your cheeks, blend the color towards your temples. The eyes receive loyal treatment here. Layer brush over your eyelid until you achieve a more intense color. Add some definition by sweeping on some mascara or lining your eyes in light brown after.


Soften the look by doing away with the harsh lip shape seen in traditional geisha makeup. Instead, get a sexy lip stain. Start with a dollop of lipstick on the centre of your lower lip and gently purse your lips together to distribute the color. Dust with loose powder for a matte effect.


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