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Valentine Day Special

The Height Of Sexiness?

Add inches - to your heels. Go for slim three-inch stilettos that will put a swagger your step.

Get Touchy Feely

Light, casual touches on his arm, neck and hair are a scintillating preview to the rest of the evening.

Mood Lighting Sets The Right Tone For Romance

Fill the room with warm, vanilla-scented candles.

Dewy Delight

Look like a dewy delight with bright skin, a deep blush, and lip gloss tinted with kissable cranberry.

Some Aphrodisiacs Are In Order

Sinfully dark chocolates for dessert and a glass of bubbly for that giddy buzz.

Show Some Skin

And let your supple bare shoulders keep him riveted all though dinner.

Eye Contact

Make meaningful eye contact as your glasses touch in a toast to the two of you.

Lip Make-Up And Corrective Techniques

Lipsticks may come as pencils, moulds, in stick or liquid form or as pressed powder. They may be of solid color or opaque, cream, gloss or pearlised. Because so few women have perfectly symmetrical lips, some corrective techniques are usually used, but never ' over' correct the natural lip line. Remember the following few points to give lips greater staying power

  • Primed outline of lip with foundation and powder.

  • Allow use lip pencil to improve the natural lip line and to last longer with out bleeding (the best way to prevent 'bleeding' is to follow the natural lip line).

  • Always use a lip brush when applying lipstick.

  • Always blot with tissue and reapply a 2nd coat after the 1st.

Keep in mind that lips and mouths lend character to the entire face. Study the contours of the individual lips and apply lip color to enhance rather than to change.

Melting Of Stick Lipstick Into Palette Form

  • Cut required amount of lipstick into spoon

  • Add required amount of Vaseline or lip conditioner into spoon

  • Place spoon over candle flame, be sure that there is no direct contact between the two.
  • Always stir the ' melted lipstick' before pouring it into the palette (beware not to over-boil till there are bubbles)

  • For best result, keep the palette in the refrigerator for at least 2 hrs before use

Corrective Make-Up On Different Lip Shape

Thin Lip

It can be increased by outlining both the upper and lower lips just to the outside of the natural lip line. Favor light lip-colors, especially frosts and glosses for their "plumping" effect.

Thick Full Lip

Use a medium to dark shade lip pencil to outline the mouth just a bit to the inside of the natural lip line. Favor lipstick close to the natural lip color or a little darker for a minimising effect. The outside corners should be sharply emphasised.

Uneven Lips

Use a medium to dark lip pencil to draw a new lip line. Fill in with a lip brush, making sure to blend the outline.

Drooping Mouth

Can be uplifted at the corners by building them up with color.

Thick Upper Lips/Thin Lower Lip

Line both lips keeping to the inside on the top and the outside on the bottom. Use a lighter shade of lip color on the bottom than the top or apply your chosen lip-color to both, and blend a dot of lighter shade into the centre of the lower lip for a fuller look.

Thin Upper Lip/Thick Lower Lip

Line both lips keeping to the outside of the top and the inside of the bottom natural lip line. Use a lighter lip color on the top than on the bottom or apply your chosen lip color to both lips and blend a dot of lighter shade into the center of the upper lip.

Cupid's Bow

Cupid's bow shaped mouth with a full centre can have the outsides built up.


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