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Ward Off Unwanted Advances From Guys

The 'Boyfriend'

A common approach used by most females would be to cite a boyfriend (real or not!). Say something like your boyfriend will be arriving in 5 minutes to meet you. By doing so, you are leaning a 'male authority' which other males have to respect, and will also effectively prevent them from preying on a lone female.

The 'Groupie'

If a persistent male does not take this hint and is starting to make you feel uncomfortable, leave and join a large group of people or tell someone. There is power in numbers and he is more likely to stand down when there is a large group of people.

The 'Bodyguard'

Have a male friend on standby. Let your male friend know where you are going and have him nearby your venue to get you out of situations.

Tips To Keeping Safe

  • Tell someone where you and your date are going. This allows people to know where and when you plan to meet your date.
  • Bring a mobile phone on your date. The idea is not for you to spend your date talking on the phone, of course! If you feel uncomfortable on a date at any time, excuse yourself and call a friend or relative for help.
  • Meet your date in a very public place - meaning no secluded parks! This gives you visibility to nearest exits and allows you to communicate with passers-by for help if necessary.

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