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What His Greeting Says About Him

How Does Your Hottie React When You Both Meet Up?

Your guy probably falls into one of these categories where greeting you is concerned. Read a little more into his actions with this guide.

The Half-Hugger

He greets you with a half-hug-this probably mean s he's slightly more reserved and wary with his emotions. It could also mean that he's sensitive and afraid of being hurt, therefore the distance. With the half-hugger, it's best to take more time to build a more emotional connection. Once that's done, he'll unleash his passionate self.

The Bear Hugger

He's warm and his hugs make you feel secure. This guy wants to make you feel comfortable and is probably very bonded with his male friends as well. He's a people person and enjoys the same kind of reciprocation. Don't be intimidated by his forward approach though, he's actually a real softie.

The Kisser

Don't underestimate a little peck on your cheek or lips as a form of salutation from this guy. It means that he's expressive about showing you he cares. If he moves in to give you a longer smooch to say hello, we'd say he's probably had you on his mind the entire day and can provide a lot of excitement in the relationship.

The Hug-And-Kisser

He goes in for the kill with a hug and kiss combo. This boy is probably spontaneous, approachable and will have you in for an adventurous time to say the least. The only thing you need to worry about is probably keeping up with him, since he's always got a surprise or two up his sleeve.

Arguments Do Happens

Wait don't panic just yet! Here are five petty arguments every shacked-up couple is bound to encounter. See? It's perfectly normal.

  • He's glued to yet another episode of The Simpsons (even though he's seen it five times), while you're desperate to catch that foreign film.
  • He whines that you take up too much wardrobe space, although he can't see anything wrong with piling golf clubs, a snowboard and dumbbells on top of your brand-new Marc Jacobs heels.
  • He sees no problem with having pizza for dinner four times a week, while you're desperately trying to lose weight. When you suggest something with vegetables in it, he looks at you like you've lost all your marbles.
  • Your Sunday night routine of exfoliating, waxing, spray-tanning and DIY mani pedi gets rudely interrupted by him bringing all his footy teammates home for an impromptu boozefest, which rocks on until 2am.
  • You can't fathom how he doesn't wake himself up when he's snoring like a warthog, while he thinks you're crazy because your pillows have to be positioned exactly right before you can go to sleep.

Mixed Signals

You may think you're just being friendly, but he could take it to mean you're interested! How men misread our innocuous actions as signs of a burgeoning crush.

Reapplying Lip Gloss In Front Of Him

You Think: I'm just touching up.

He Thinks: She's sexifying herself for me!

Why: You're drawing attention to your lips. To a man, a iippie's perceived as a weapon of seduction.

Saying That You Like His Shirt

You Think: Maybe I can get a similar one as a gift.

He Thinks: She wants to see me take it off.

Why: The average guy doesn't pay attention to clothes so he can't imagine any other reason why you'd like a shirt he bought at a random sale.

Ignoring A Call On your Cell While Having A Conversation With Him

You Think: Work ends after 6pm and it's my boss for goodness sake!

He Thinks: She must be really captivated by my witty talk.

Why: He's got a huge ego - it makes him think everything's about him.

Asking Questions About His Exes

You Think: OK, I admit I'm being busybody here.

He Thinks: She wants the dirt on me already.

Why: A guy doesn't dig into private details like these unless he's truly interested.

Talking About Your Relationship Problems

You Think: My girlfriends are bored of listening to them.

He Thinks: She wants to know what I'd do if I were her boyfriend

Why: First, men hardly discuss relationships. Second, his hero mentality makes him immediately assume you need rescuing.


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