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What His Kiss Says About Him

What's in a kiss you ask? Everything - well, almost. While it couldn't be fair to judge a guy based on his kiss, a kiss can tell much more about a man than you think. And though there's room for improvement for everyone, a guy who kisses well probably does other things well too, like communicating his feelings.

The good kisser knows what he's doing and wants you to know that about him. Dating a guy who's got his technique down pa is almost essential because kissing can reveal a man's passion and sensitivity levels.

How The Good Kisser Kisses

  • He's forceful yet gentle.
  • He's neat. Slobbering is not a pretty sight or particular romantic feeling, and the good kisser knows better than to salivate while smooching you.
  • He syncs his rhythm with yours and isn't overly dominating.
  • He's sensitive to other parts of your body like your face and neck.

Things To Notice When He Kisses You

  • Notice whether or not he tilts his head sideways when moving in for the kiss. If he's willing to 'reposition' himself, it probably means that he's open to compromise.
  • If he opens his eyes, it could really mean two things - either he's bored and not that into you or he just enjoys looking at you. If his eyes begin to wander, you can be sure he isn't exactly in seventh heaven.
  • If he can't keep his hands to himself after less than a minute of kissing, he's probably just in it for purely physical reasons. Beware!

Spot A Strayer

Warning Signs That He's Cheating On You

  • He suddenly accuses you of cheating. A struggling conscience makes him see infidelity everywhere.
  • You're suddenly showered with guilt gifts. What is he making up for exactly?
  • When he goes out without you, he tries to hard to tell you every last detail of the night.
  • He's hyper-critical of you. When he used to find cute and quirky now annoys him. He's fishing out your flaws to excuse his wandering eye.

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