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Your Foundation Soulmate

Confused by the mind-boggling array of foundations lining the cosmetic shelves? Each formula is tailored for a particular skin type, coverage and finish. It's all about finding the perfect match for you.

Liquid Foundation

The most versatile of the foundation family, it suits most skin types. Liquid foundation is good for perfecting uneven skin tone. It also captures moisture within the skin to lend a more luminous finish. Coverage: light to full. Best for all skin types: if your skin's on the oily side, go for a water-based foundation.

Choose a product that contains mattifying powders to help absorb excess sebum and control shine. If your skin is dessert-dry, opt for a liquid foundation that has moisturizing properties. The slightly thicker texture works well as it blends easily. More mature skin can also benefit from fluid foundation.

Gel Foundation

Gel foundation offers a unique formulation - it's thicker than fluid foundation yet remain lightweight on skin. It glides on smoothly to even out complexion and create a near-transparent finish. Coverage: light to medium. Best for oily and combination skin. Gel foundation keeps sebum in check so that your face looks fresh throughout the day. Most gel foundations can be applied effortlessly to give a sheer to semi-matte finish.

Mousse Foundation

Mousse foundation is pleasantly moisturizing without heaviness. Unlike cream foundation, a mousse formula is great for those who want matte and complete coverage minus the cakey feel. Coverage: medium to full. Best for all skin types. Packed with special powders and other moisturizing properties, mousse foundation helps reduce any visible signs of dryness and fine lines. Mousse foundation also leaves a natural matte finish for those who prefer a more long-lasting effect.

Two-Way Powder Foundation

Two-way powder foundation is usually found in a solid, compact form. It dries on the skin easily, making it a very convenient foundation to carry around. Those with oily skin will love the quick mattifying effect of a two-way powder foundation. Coverage: light to medium. Best for normal and combination skin. Some are created with formulas so advanced they know exactly where to go and what to do when dryness prevails or when sebum production goes into overdrive.

Clean And Fresh

If you wear panty liners daily, be sure to change them frequently throughout the day. This keeps breeding bacteria at bay, and helps you feel clean and fresh all day.

Keep It Neat

A simple trick to keeping your nail polish as neat as possible on your toenails is to use cotton wool as toe spacers while painting them.


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