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Eye Wonder

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and how right they are. This guide will shows you how to dress up your windows to perfection.

Color Me Beautiful

Add color to your eyes by lining the eyes, as close to the lash line as possible, with two different shades. When it comes to choosing eye colors that will go the extra mile, pick a natural shade for day, a light shade to highlight, a dark - almost black - shade to sizzle for night, and two fun shades to add pizzazz to your look.

Eyes Wide Open

You can beautify your eyes with a single item: a black eyeliner. Line the eyes, tapering the lines towards the outer corners of the eye. Then with a brush, smudge and soften the line for a smoky eye effect. No brush? Your finger will do. Light, pearly eyeliner shades can double up as eye colors. Color in the entire socket and blend with a brush or finger. Or highlight your brow bone by dabbling it onto the area with your finger.

Lash Out

To define short poker-straight lashes, try using two different formulations of mascara. Coat lashes from the root with a volumising mascara, then lightly sweep on a lengthening one on eyelash tips. To ensure that even those short baby lashes at the corners of your eyes are curled beautifully, remember to squeeze the eyelash curler on those little ones a little longer.

Easy Sophistication

Flawless Foundation

Use three different shades of foundation to create more depth while giving a flawless coverage. Use a pink tone, mixed with a little yellow-based foundation on the T-zone, followed by a tone lighter than your natural skin tone for the middle of the face and finish off with a tone that's matched to your natural skin tone near the hairline to gel everything together.

Pretty Peepers

Use a pink shade mixed with a brown eyeliner to line close the lash line to give the impression of deeper-set eyes and minimize puffiness. Apply a light pink shade to highlight inner corners of the eyes and lilac and brown eyeliner under the eyes to give more depth. Finish off with load of mascara to open up the eyes.

Subtle Blush

Use a darker shade of pink near the hairline and soft pink shimmer on the cheekbones to make the look playful and fun.

Playful Kissers

Apply lip color without lining the lips. A little smudge outside the lip line gives a playful appeal.

Peck Up Your Eyes

Add 15 drops of fresh lemon juice into an eye cup of water (the cup from an Optrex eye lotion bottle is ideal). Wash each eye in a fresh batch for 15 to 20 seconds. This may sound painful, but don't worry, it won't hurt a bit, says Jasyln, a freelance spa consultant. Do this every day and you'll see brighter eyes and a reduction in eye bags in a week.

Quick, Fix Your Makeup!

Is your foundation too light for your tan or your favorite eyeshadow too shimmery for work? Here's how to mix and fix your makeup.

Eyeshadow's Too Shimmery

Sweep loose powder over eyelids and then follow with matte eyeshadow in the same color family as your shimmer eyeshadow. Apply the shimmer color last.

Cream Blusher Isn't The Color You Want

Mix lipstick in a different tone, a little at a time, with your cream blusher on the back of your hand. Once you get the color you want, apply on checks as usual with fingers.

Foundation's Too Dark

Lighten liquid foundation slightly by mixing your daily moisturiser with the foundation on the back of your hand. Add moisturiser till you get the right shade and apply as usual. What you get is really a tinted moisturiser.

Foundation's Too Light

In your palm, mix liquid foundation with loose bronzing powder in a time or you'll get too dark a shade.

Foundation Is A Ringe Too Oily

Using a fuffy powder brush, dust on a very thin layer of sifted cornstarch over foundation to absorb oil. The result is a foundation with a satiny matte finish. And don't worry, cornstarch is translucent and lightweight.

Lippy's Too Bright!

Tone is down by applying a pale shimmer gloss over it. Simple!

More Easy Fix-It Recipes

Make your own sheer, tinted eye gleam by mixing some light pink liner with nude no-shimmer gloss on the back of your hand. The result will be clean bright eyes with no frost or sparkles.

To add luminosity to your face, apply highlighter powder before liquid foundation and set it again with another light layer of highlighter.

Hair looking a little greasy? Sprinkle just a little powder on the roots to absorb the extra oil and use fingertips to rub it in. The powder will add volume to your tresses too.

Spray on too much perfume? A little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball can help erase the too-pungent fragrance.

A key to create smoky eyes is petroleum jelly. Line the top and bottom lash lines with a dark pencil, put a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the lid and squint really hard and you'll have the desired smudged look.


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